Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Watch Our GHO Tomorrow, March 31 LIVE at 8:15am CST As We Continue Our Work On The Library Book & Song!

As you know, we are working on a wonderful project with the 2nd graders at Van Meter School in Iowa and Cantata Learning.

Michael Dahl, Liz Draper, Kat Coughlan, and myself have met with the students and their teachers twice and tomorrow we have our third planning meeting.

You can read about our GHO last week here...Michael Dahl Visits Our Team As We Write The Library Book Together With Cantata Learning & The 2nd Graders At Van Meter

And our first one with the team can be found here.
This project is part of the Celebrations Around The World Global Project, a Harmony Project with Cantata Learning.

To celebrate school libraries everywhere, the new library at Van Meter, and Capstone's 25th Birthday, we partnered to celebrate these things together.

We are meeting in Google Hangout on March 31 at 8:15am CST for 30 minutes.  

You can watch it from the window above or at this link

We can't wait for the next step of the writing and music process.  And we can't wait to share it with all of you.   

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