Monday, March 7, 2016

Building A Character With Bloxels For Our Video Game....and Getting A Little Help First!

When I got home last week there was something very special in my mail that I couldn't wait to try out with my 10-year old son Hagan and other students I know.

And of course to try it out myself!
It is called Bloxels and I recently learned about it from my friend Robert Kalman in New Jersey. You can read about it here, Kids Create Their Own Video Games With Bloxels...One Block at a Time
I opened up my box of Bloxels and set off to create a fun character to put into my video game.   You can see my character above.
I then took the free Bloxels app and scanned my little character I created.

This is what came up on the screen of the app...and yes, that was exactly what I had created!

Next, I tried to figure out how to get my character into a video game.  This is where I ran into lots of questions and needed some help.
During a Skype today, I was so happy when Robert told me about these amazing Bloxels Tutorials on the website.  You can find them here too. 
After our Skype, I went to the Bloxels Tutorials and found just what I needed.... How it Works-Characters which will help me take my character to the next level with the Bloxels app.

We have spring break next week so Hagan and I will set off to create some characters for his very own video game too.  I can't wait to show you what we create....We will make sure to share it with all of you.

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