Friday, May 24, 2024

Join Us For Shannon's Summer Webinar Series. You Can Register For Our Entire Follett Content Summer Series Today, Friends.


With summer here, we are looking for ways to continue to grow our knowledge and skills within and for libraries. I use this time to look for topics that are interesting and fun, and ones that I can take with me into the new school year next fall. 

To help support all of you and your growth over the summer, I worked with my friends at Follett Content to develop and bring to you...Shannon's Summer Webinar Series!  

I am excited for all three of these motiving and inspiring conversations. I know you will gather new ideas and strategies to improve your program and help your students become more engaged patrons and readers.

You can register for our entire summer series at here

I hope to see you there, friends. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Find The 2024 AASL Best Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning Here and Use It As A Place To Learn More All Summer Long!


The 2024 AASL Best Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning have been announced!  

This is one of my favorite places to go to learn more about digital tools that I can use with our students and teachers in our preschool to 12th grade district.  There is something for everyone, and for every subject, with this list every year. 

I have created a choice board of the 2024 AASL Best Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning. You will find it here where each tool is linked in the image within the Google Slide.  All you have to do is click on the logo of the digital tool and it will take you directly to that site. 

I love using the AASL Best Digital Tools list every summer as a place to go as I learn about different digital tools to use with our students and teachers each fall. 

I hope that you use this choice board to do just that, friends.  Let me know how you will use the AASL Best Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning too. 

Exciting News! PebbleGo is a 2024 AASL Best Digital Tool for Teaching & Learning!


One of my favorite days every year is the day that the AASL Best Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning are announced.  

They were announced this week, friends.  You can find them all here on the AASL site.

And I couldn't be more excited to share that our favorite digital research and literacy tools for elementary students, PebbleGo, is one of the AASL Best Digital Tools! 
You can learn all about PebbleGo here, friends. 

I will be sharing a very special Collection by Destiny of the AASL Best Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning in the next post.  

I love using this as a guide throughout the summer to learn more about several new digital tools that I can use with my students and teachers in the upcoming school year.  I will share this Collection with you so you can use it as a place to go too. 

Join Us For The Future Ready Leadership Forum In Edinburg, Texas on September 24, Friends!


It's time to start thinking about the Future Ready Leadership Forums in the Fall of 2024. 

The first one is on September 24, 2024 from 9:00am to 3:00pm CST in Edinburg, Texas at the Region One ESC Center. 

The Future Ready Schools® (FRS) Leadership Forum is a one-day professional learning event designed to empower educators with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to lead their schools and districts into a future shaped by leadership, equity, technology and innovation.
We hope you will join Adam Phyll, Bill Bass and myself for this amazing one day event sponsored by Capstone and Region One ESC.

You can read more about the day, including the agenda, and register for this FREE event here, friends.

Buzzing into World Bee Day with this Special Capstone Merge EDU Giveway!

May 20 is World Bee Day.  World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20th every year, because it coincides with the birthday of Anton JanÅ¡a, a pioneer of modern beekeeping. He was born on May 20, 1734, and is known for his innovative beekeeping techniques and the first to advocate for the scientific approach to beekeeping. 

Our friends at Capstone and Merge EDU have a special giveaway to celebrate this day.  This giveaway includes a 1-year individual subscription of Merge EDU and 3 Merge Cubes, and 4 Capstone print books. 

This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for teachers and librarians to lead educational explorations into the fascinating world of bees and pollination, with Capstone’s enriching books and Merge's hands-on experiences.

I am excited to pair up the following Capstone books and eBooks...

...with these Merge EDU augmented reality activities to celebrate World Bee Day by giving our students places to learn and explore all about bees. 

You can enter to WIN the Merge EDU and Capstone Giveaway here, friends.  

Monday, May 20, 2024

Turn The June 2024 PebbleGo & PebbleGo Next Monthly Holiday Calendar Into An Interactive Research Choice Board For Your Students & Teachers!

Our friends at Capstone create these special PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next Holiday Calendars each month. 

In this post, I share more about the PebbleGo Monthly Calendars. 
I love making paper copies of these to share with our teachers and kids. 
They hang them up in their classrooms and hang them in our library too. I also share them online through social media and as an image in Google Classroom or Seesaw. 
The teachers even use the PebbleGo Calendars for mini research opportunities throughout each week. The students use PebbleGo Create to share what they learn throughout the month with the calendars. 
Last year, when I was sharing the calendars with teachers and students, I thought....Hey, this would be really fun in a choice board! 
So, I opened up a Google Slide, uploaded the PebbleGo June 2024 Holidays Calendar, and added a little chalk board with text over the top.  
Then I went through the calendar and found every special day in PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next.  

For example, Juneteenth is June 19. 
I went to PebbleGo and found the article about Juneteenth. I grabbed the link, as shown in the image above. 
I took that link and added a linked text box around each special date. 

Now, when the kids click on a holiday, it will take them directly to that PebbleGo article.  

If you want to use the template to create your own, you will find the Google Slide here to make a copy and add links to the PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next articles. 
And to make it a choice board, just Publish to the web, as shown in this image above. 
You will share that Published Link with your students.  

I love sharing these interactive PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next Holiday Calendars with our students and teachers. They love learning all about these special days that are highlighted each month too.

I am excited to have the June 2024 PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next ready to go for the month.I hope you will find ways to use it with your students and teachers this month too.   

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Connect, Collaborate, Create! LUV for Libraries Forster Meaningful Connections Between Libraries Nationwide....Join Us Today, Friends.


It has been such an honor to work alongside my friends and colleagues at Level Up Village to create LUV for Libraries, an exciting and important new initiative for libraries and school communities. 

LUV for Libraries revolutionizes K-5 education by empowering teacher librarians to connect and collaborate with peers nationwide on a safe and secure platform. The program offers project-based courses aimed at enhancing critical library, literacy, and technology skills while fostering collaboration, communication, and empathy.

Our first collaboration project includes a digital citizenship course based on my book, Sonia's Digital World, which I wrote with Capstone and ISTE. 

I hope you will join us in the fall as we kick off this special new project with librarians, teachers, and students around the country.  We would love to have you as part of the LUV for Libraries Community. 

You can join the community here today, friends. 

Help Your Readers Find Their Next Book To Read By Sharing Follett's First Chapter Friday Videos!


Help your readers find their next favorite book by sharing these videos of authors reading the first chapter of their books with Follett's First Chapter Fridays! 

I love watching, and sharing, these videos with our readers. You will find the videos here, friends. 
They are organized into Elementary Authors and...
...Young Adult Authors. 

I can't wait to see what authors they add next. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Special NEW May Social Media Pack In The Library Voice Store!


Each week, in our weekly Library Voice newsletter, Let's Get Caught Up, Brianna and I add special things to The Library Voice Store. 

This month, Brianna has created five new social media templates to mix up and use in your library, classrooms, and school community.  They are so much fun and we are using them in our library at Van Meter too. 

You will find the May Social Media Pack here in our store.  And check out the other wonderful resources there too. 

And we hope you will sign up for our free weekly newsletter here, friends. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Find The Recording For My Recent Webinar, 3 Great Ways to Spark a Passion For Reading! And Sign Up for the Next Literati Webinar Here, Friends.


Earlier this month, I was part of this special new webinar, 3 Great Ways to Spark a Passion for Reading, with my friends at Literati Book Fairs.  

We recorded it and you can find the recording and resources here
And this week, on May 15, join me for another NEW webinar, 3 Strategies to Market Your School Library Program.  

You can register for this webinar here. And don't worry, if you can't attend live, we will send you the recording afterwards too. 

Monday, May 13, 2024

It's Time For Our Books To Find Their Way Back To Our Library....Canva Poster For You!


Today, I created a little poster in Canva to share around the school, in our daily announcements, and on social as a reminder that we need our books to come back to the library by the end of the year.  

I created this in Canva and you can find the link to make a copy here.
I love how fun and easy it is to create marketing pieces like this for our library using Canva.  

I hope you can use this for yours too! 

Sunday, May 12, 2024

A Fun Way To Show How Many Books Are Still Checked Out! You Will Find The Template To Copy and Use Here, Friends.


It's almost the end of the school year and time to get our books back to the library.  

To make it fun for our readers, I put a little twist on the book counter we use throughout the year. You can read all about our digital book counter here.

For this one, I created a place to show how many books we still have checked out.  
You can find the one with three columns here to make a copy
You can find the one with four columns here to make a copy
And to make this super easy and quick to do every day, we can go to the NEW Destiny Library Dashboard to find the data we need.  

In the image above, you will see the number of books still out under Checkouts.  I love how easy this is to find this data every day. 

You can read about the Destiny Library Dashboard, and a few of my favorite new Destiny 21.0 features, here in this post from my blog
Once you have the data and you are ready to share, just go to File, Share and Publish to the Web. 
We will share this with our teachers and students everyday, and we can even make little posters by printing the image too. 

Friday, May 10, 2024

Check Out The 2024 Fall Book Preview From Our Friends At Capstone!


One of my favorite things about being a reader and teacher librarian is learning about and reading upcoming books. 

Our friends at Capstone have announced the upcoming 2024 Fall Books and I couldn't be more excited to see all of these upcoming titles. 

As Capstone shared on the site, 

Welcome to our preview of the most anticipated books for fall! Among the books we’re most excited about this season include Author vs. Illustrator, a laugh-out-loud picture book about the not-so-simple process of creating a picture book from Lemke & Lentz, the collaborators behind the quirky and Instaworthy Book-O-Beards. Continuing the theme of book love, two new picture books you don’t want to miss are Overdue by Gloria Koster, a story about a forgotten library book told from his point of view, and The Pass by Sara Laux Akin, a tender story of sports, reading, and friendship, celebrating the empowerment and connection a good book can give.

Also new this season is Tana Cooks, an early chapter book series perfect for beginning readers about a Choctaw second-grader who loves to cook and bake with her family, and Cyber Sleuths, a middle grade mystery series created in collaboration with the International Society for Technology in Education that encourages readers to think about combatting dis/mis/malinformation in their own lives. 

Take a sneak peek at highlights of Capstone’s Fall 2024 titles before they hit the shelves.

You can get your sneak peek here, friends. 
I am extra excited about Cyber Sleuths, the first series in the amazing and important collaboration between Capstone and ISTE, 
Author vs. Illustrator from two of my favorites, Donald Lemke and Bob Lentz, and...
....Overdue about a forgotten library book who tells his story. 

And honestly, I am excited about every single title! They are all wonderful new books. 
And don't miss all of the engaging resources Capstone has created for these upcoming books.  For example, with Tana Cooks! a new series launch with Choctaw character who loves to cook, you will see there is a Bookmark, Coloring Sheet and...

There will be more resources added soon and I will be sharing them on my blog, and with the seasonal choice board we make of the new releases too.

I can't wait for all of these new Capstone books to be on our shelves for our readers. 

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Future Ready Schools Needs Our Help! Complete a Short Survey and Showcase Your School Library Today, Friends.


Dear Future Ready Librarian,
As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, it’s the perfect opportunity to extend our gratitude to librarians. You play multiple roles—as teachers, helpers, collaborators, and supporters. Your work, both within and beyond the library, serves as a vital community hub, fostering learning and support for both students and colleagues.
We have TWO requests to help us with our ongoing and future programming for Future Ready Librarians:
1. We value your input and need your insights! We’d love for you to take 5 minutes to participate in a survey tailored for school librarians, library directors, and district leaders. This survey is designed to gather your experiences, challenges, and viewpoints on issues like book bans, censorship, and other significant matters impacting our school libraries. Your feedback is crucial in helping us understand the current state of school libraries and will assist us in addressing these critical issues. Take the survey now!
2. Participate in our video campaign, "A Day in the Life of a Future Ready Librarian." This is a chance to highlight the transformative work you are doing in your library. Demonstrate how collaboration, diverse collections, and the principles of Future Ready Librarians shape your daily practice. Please consider submitting a 90-second video by May 30, 2024, to inspire others with your story! Selected videos will be featured on our website and social media. Submit your video here!
Thank you for your dedication and commitment to shaping future ready learners!


Our Best,

Lia, Shannon and All4Ed’s Future Ready Team

P.S. Please share these initiatives with your fellow librarians, as the more participation, the better!
Click to Tweet:  Help @FutureReady’s  #FutureReadyLibs navigate the challenges and opportunities in school libraries. Take a 5 min survey to share your thoughts:  #FutureReady #FutureReady
Click to Tweet: Lights, camera, action! It's time to spotlight the amazing work happening in school libraries. Join the @FutureReady #FutureReadyLibs video campaign and share your innovative practices.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Join Me On May 15 For A NEW Webinar, 3 Strategies To Market Your School Library Program!


I would like to invite you to join me and Literati Book Fairs for a NEW webinar, 3 Strategies to Market Your School Library Program.

The webinar is on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 4:00pm CST. 

I will share 3 strategies to market your school library program and get more engagement from teachers, students, and families. You will walk away with practical insight you can apply immediately.

There will be a live Q & A following the presentation, so have your questions ready. 

We hope you can join us, friends.  If you can't attend live, sign up today and we'll send you a link to the recording to watch at your convenience. 

Monday, May 6, 2024

The Results For The Top PebbleGo & PebbleGo Next Articles For April Are In, Friends! You Will Find The Posters and Templates Here.

The results for the TOP PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next Articles for April are in, friends! 

How fun to see the Top PebbleGo articles read by kids around the U.S. each month!  When I saw this report for the first time, I circled, highlighted and jumped into PebbleGo to look up several of the articles I hadn't seen before. I also celebrated ones that were my favorites too, like Axolotls and Taylor Swift. 

My friends at Capstone and I, were talking one day and thought it would be really awesome to take the information from the reports and turn it into something that students and teachers would find interesting, fun and could use in lots of different ways.  

So, I went into a Google Slide and created this poster template for PebbleGo articles. I also made one for PebbleGo Next and Capstone Interactive eBooks.
Every month, we will be sharing the Top PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next articles read by kids around the United States, and the top Capstone Interactive eBooks using this Google Slide template.  

For April, you will find the Top PebbleGo Articles Read By Kids Around the U.S. April 2024 choice board here to make a copy and add link from your PebbleGo. 
You will find the Top PebbleGo Next Articles Read By Kids Around the U.S. April 2024 choice board here to make a copy and add links from your PebbleGo Next. 

And if you want to turn this one into an interactive choice board, let me show you how to do that. 

First, you will find the choice board here to copy. 
Next, you will find the links to each PebbleGo article.  

In the article, you will see the link up at the top that you can copy. 
You will take that copied link and add a hyperlink to that name within the Top PebbleGo Articles poster. 
When students click on Axolotls, it will take them right to that article.  After all of the article links are added, go to File and Publish to web. That is the link you will share. 

We are really excited to share these with everyone each month.  I can't wait to share them with my students and teachers too.