Monday, January 27, 2020

Join Us At Grow With Google In NYC For Safer Internet Day!

The week of February 11, 2020, we will celebrate Safer Internet Day.

I will be celebrating with our school in Van Meter, Iowa on Monday and also at the Grow With Google NYC Partner Hosted Workshop on February 12 in New York City.

We would LOVE to have you join us for....
....the Pear Deck Grow With Google Events, including my presentations and workshops on February 12, Be Internet Awesome and Pear Deck in two special events on that day. 

You can register for the FREE Safer Internet Day Event at Grow With Google NYC here
We can't wait to celebrate Safer Internet Day with all of you!  

Your Students Will LOVE Adding Their Voice To This #PebbleGo Flipgrid Disco Library Topic Too!

Here is a brand new Flipgrid Disco Library Topic for #PebbleGo to share with your students! 🎉

I created it to give our students a place to share their favorite PebbleGo Topics. You can use it with your students and have them share their favorite things to research, learn and share in PebbleGo too.
And remember, I wrote about the 32 amazing PebbleGo Topics found the Flipgrid Disco Library in this post, Flipgrid Disco Library Is Rocking With PebbleGo Grids Ready To Go, over the weekend.
You will find it here.

I know you will love all of these topics Capstone created for us...they are awesome!
In the new My Favorite PebbleGo Topic, you and your students will find a link to PebbleGo and ways to integrate it into your library and classroom too.  

Have fun, friends! 

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Create A Polaroid Frame In PicMonkey!

When I create Google Presentations, Buncee's and other digital content, I LOVE smashing different apps together to make projects and presentations special and unique. 
One of my favorite app smash's is using the Polaroid Frame in PicMonkey.  

I always have lots of questions about this one so I thought I would share how I do this with all of you!
First, go to PicMonkey and upload the photos you would like to use.  
Click on the little Frame icon that is circled above. 
Then choose Polaroid Frame. 
You will have some choices now in Polaroid Frame.  
For mine, I move the Effect Fade to 0% so the photo is clear.
I then click on Transparent Background so I will be able to add or layer the image anywhere.

You can also Rotate the image or change the Background Color. 
 When the photo is complete, click on Export. 
 You can Export this masterpiece in several formats and to different places.
 Once exported, you can...
...add it wherever you want.  You can see the fun difference in the two photos of my three kids.  

I love the way they look and add just the right touch of fun to lots of different projects and presentations.  

I hope you give it a try...let me know if you have any questions.  I am always happy to help. 

A Black History Month Collection Full Of Resources, PebbleGo, Newsela, eBooks & More!

February is Black History Month.  

This is a yearly event celebrating the achievements and recognizing the role African Americans in the history of the United States.  
As we get ready for Black History Month, I have brought together the Black History Month Collection by Destiny to share the best resources and practices I could find. 

You will find...
Storyboard That activities,
a STEM activity from Maker Maven
 6 Teaching Tools for Black History Month from Edutopia and....
Black History Month Activities, History, Timeline, Ideas, Event, Facts and Quizzes from Fact Monster...just to name a few.
Within the Collection, there is a Symbaloo that we use with our students and you are welcome to use it too.  You will find it here
For your younger students, I added several different places to research using PebbleGo.

You will find African Americans in PebbleGo Biographies....
 ...such as Martin Luther King,
 more Civil Rights Leaders, 
 Inventors and Business Leaders, 
 Musicians, Authors and Artists and more.
There is also a wonderful PebbleGo Activity that you can find in Capstone Community called African American History Makers.  
You will find it here, along with lots of other lesson and project ideas. 

You will also find several African Americans in PebbleGo Next Biographies for grades 3-6.

As you can see, there are many resources for this very special event.   

What have you found?  Let me know and I will add it to the Collection too. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Flipgrid Disco Library Is Rocking With PebbleGo Grids Ready To Go!

There is something rocking in Flipgid!  It's the....
...Disco Library and is packed full of over 10,000...
...Flipgrids with amazing discussion prompts created by educators, librarians and others including Skype in the Classroom, Tynker, California State Parks and more. 
One of my favorite connections is the partnership they have with our friends at Capstone Publishing with 23 Flipgrids focused around PebbleGo topics our students will love. 
The PebbleGo Flipgrids are focused around all of the different PebbleGo modules including PebbleGo Social Studies, Science, Biographies, Dinosaurs,
and Animals.  You will find the Audience and Subject next to each topic.   
To use one of the Flipgrids in the Disco Library, just click... 
...on the one you would like to use. It will open up a detailed description of the Flipgrid. 
From here, you can Add To Favs and... which Grid you would like to... 
...Add This Topic to.   
Once you have selected which Grid you want the Disco Library Flipgrid added to, it will open up and give you a chance to Update the Topic.  

I love this option, because it lets us personalize any Flipgrid by making changes and additions that are specific to our school community and students.  
Once that step is complete, the Topic can be shared and used right away. 
If you don't want to make any changes, grab the link or share on social media by clicking on the left hand corner of any topic.   
As you are looking through all of the amazing topics from Capstone, take note of the special things included in the Integration Notes.  There might be a link to one of their...
...books, like Katie Woo,   
or an idea for creating an Engaged Animal PSA,  
Creepy Creation Creation,  
Interview A Family Member handout,  and lots more. 
And one of my favorites from Capstone, You Should Read This Book where students can choose a book and create a booktalk to convince others to read it too.   
Today as I was preparing for a lesson next week, I clicked on Add A Topic... add one of my own to the Disco Library focused around researching and sharing one of their favorite topics in PebbleGo. 
I even tied in the PebbleGo Research Buncee's as an Extension under Integration Notes.  that our students have been using this year with PebbleGo, researching and writing. 

Our students have been using the PebbleGo Research Buncee's this year for research, writing and creating with PebbleGo. 

You can read all about this project and get the templates from Buncee here.
I also shared the PebbleGo Disco Playlist with all of my teacher friends at Van Meter by clicking on Share Playlist where it gives us...
....a link to copy and way to share on Facebook and Twitter. 

You will find the PebbleGo Disco Library Playlist here
Once logged into Flipgrid, you will find the Disco Library at the top of the page at this link.  

And don't miss all of the wonderful #FlipgridWeeklyHits listed at the top and on social too!