Wednesday, June 7, 2023

June Read Aloud Calendar & Other Special Ideas From Our Friends At Novel Effect Are Here!


Our friends at Novel Effect have put together their June Read-Aloud Calendar.  It features so many wonderful real aloud opportunities with amazing books that support special days and events throughout the month. 

They also have provided other ideas.... to make June special. 
And lots of Holiday Activities are on that page too! 

Thank you Novel Effect friends.  You are providing such meaningful reading and learning experiences for our students, librarians and teachers each month.  

Welcome to the Future Ready Book Club...Chapter 1, The Need For Leadership Everywhere! Get Started Here, Friends.

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Future Ready book club! We're excited to have you join us for "Lead from Where You Are." This week, we focus on Chapter One - The Need for Leadership Everywhere. 

Here's your to-do list for week one.

1. Watch the Welcome video from Joe and I. 
2.  Set up your account on K12 Leaders: Visit the K12 Leaders website and create your account. This will allow you to connect with colleagues within and outside our book club.  

3. Engage with your fellow book club members by participating in the weekly discussion board. Share your insights, questions, and expertise. 
4. Record your personal reflections in your customized study guide. You will make a copy for yourself to use throughout the book club. 

Take some time to reflect on the concepts discussed in Chapter One.
5. Take on the weekly "Do it" activity: Challenge yourself by applying what you've learned from Chapter One in a practical way. Once you've completed the activity, share your successes and reflections in the dedicated weekly "Do it" discussion thread.
  • Complete your account profile. This will enable you to connect with colleagues who share similar professional interests and goals.
  • Download the K12 Leaders mobile app: to stay connected and engaged throughout the summer. 
  • Don't stress if you miss a week: We understand that life can get busy, and it's okay if you can't participate every week. The discussion threads will remain available, allowing you to catch up on missed discussions or read the book at your own pace. 
We hope you have a fantastic week diving into Chapter One and engaging with your fellow book club members. Enjoy the journey of learning and growth as we explore "Lead from Where You Are" together!


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

We Kick Off The "Follett, Shannon's Series on Leadership" Webinar Series Next Week On June 15th With Bill Bass and Kira Brennan! Register For All Three Special Events Today.


Next week on June 15th we kick off a very special event that I am hosting this summer with my friends at Follett. 

It's called Shannon's Series on Leadership. This webinar series will feature amazing library leaders, important and timely topics, and interesting conversations that will empower us with leadership skills and thinking throughout the summer and into the new school year. 

You will find all three of the leadership webinars here...
...Part I: Be A Library Leader Through Literacy register here

...Part II: Be A Library Leader Through Technology Integration register here; 

...and, ...Part III: Be A Library Leader This Year register here

When you register at these links, you can read all of the details around the webinar, and learn more about my wonderful guests too. 

And just remember, even if you can't attend the LIVE event, everyone who registers will be sent the recording and resources after the event is complete. It will be a special learning experience all around.

Hope to see you there, friends.