Thursday, January 26, 2023

A Groundhog Day Choice Board & A Fun STEAM Activity From Our Friends At 3DuxDesign!


On February 2, we all watch to see if the Groundhog sees his shadow.  This is always so much fun for our kids to watch and learn more about. 

I put together a choice board for our students and teachers at Van Meter and wanted to share it with all of you too. 
In addition to the Pennsylvania site, Enter a State of Phil for the...
...Groundhog Day 2022 Livestream here, I included a few videos for kids, online activities, 
the PebbleGo article about Woodchucks, 
...and two Capstone Interactive eBooks about groundhogs and Groundhog Day.

You will find the link to the Let's Learn About Groundhog Day Choice Board here. You can make a copy and add links to your PebbleGo and Capstone interactive eBooks or change them out for another resource.
Remember, when sharing with your students, just click on File and Publish to the web. 
Then copy that link to share with students.  It will be just the interactive choice board that they see. 
To go along with our choice board and lots of learning and fun, our friends at 3DuxDesign created a super fun STEAM activity for Groundhog Day to do with your students too.  You will find it here.

Have fun celebrating Groundhog Day in lots of different ways. 

It's Time For Our February Choice Board! You Will Find TWO Versions This Month & the Links For Both Here, Friends.


February is a week away and we are getting ready for a new month filled with learning, exploring, creating, collaboration and fun. 

There are many things happening in February so Our February Choice Board is filled with lots of places to connect our learners to these events and information.  

This month, I made two versions of the February Choice Board to share.  
Version #1 includes the Let's Learn About Presidents' Day Choice Boards created with PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. 

You can share this link with your students for Version #1 and if you want to make changes you will find it here to edit too
If you don't have PebbleGo and don't want to make any changes, you can use Version #2 which includes links to the Groundhog Day Choice Board and National Geographic Kids to learn more about the Presidents.  

You can share this link with your students for Version #2 and if you want to make changes you will find it here to edit

Let me walk you through this months choice boards. 
In the first column, I included choice boards for Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day.  
You will find the Happy Valentine's Day Choice Board here. This is where you can make changes if you'd like. 
I included two choice boards for Presidents' Day on Version #1.  The first is for grades TK-3rd here and...
On Version #2, I included the Groundhog Day Choice Board.  You will find everything you need for this one here
I also included a place for the Let's Take A Trip Around The World Buncee Choice Board, 
which you can find here too
And just as a reminder, remember to share it with your students by Publishing it to the web and sharing that link.  It will just show the slide when you share it that way. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help.  I am always happy to share and help you in any way. 

Have fun getting ready for February, friends. 

Fun Heart and Star Bookmarks To Help Your Students Express Their Love For Books! Download Them Here For Free, Friends.


It's almost February and time to celebrate lots of special things during the month in our classrooms.  First up is World Read Aloud Day on February 1 and then comes Valentine's Day on February 14.  

Our friends at Follett have created the cutest book review bookmarks for them to express their love for books in a fun and engaging way.  

On each bookmark, our readers will find a place to write Book Title, Who should read this book?,  Why did you love this book? and a place to Circle your rating...5 Stars being the best.  When they have filled out their bookmark, they can share with a friend, teacher and even family. 

And who doesn't love a new bookmark?  I know all kids will! 

You will find Are You A Heart or a Star? bookmarks here on the Follett site where you can download....

...Heart and Star bookmarks.  

There is 8 bookmarks on each sheet, making it very easy to print off multiple copies at a time. 

I printed these on card stock with our color printer for our teachers to use throughout the month.  

They turned out so adorable and the kids will LOVE them! 
Thank you,  Follett.  We always love these fun and meaningful ideas you share with all of us.