Sunday, March 26, 2017

Facing The Future Of Our Schools & Libraries With Future Ready Librarians At The MASL Conference

This week I had the honor of presenting at the Missouri Association of School Librarians MASL Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Britten Follett and I lead the pre-conference session Facing The Future Of Our Schools...Future Ready Schools and Leading Beyond The Library With Future Ready Librarians, sponsored by Follett and Project Connect.
For the first part of our session, we were joined by three amazing administrators and their teacher librarians.
I loved the conversation and was inspired by all three of these leaders who are making a huge impact on reading, learning, libraries and especially the children they serve.
Here are a few of the tweets I shared while they were speaking.  You can check them out on my Twitter at @shannonmmiller.
One of my favorite things that was shared was when my friend Bill Bass said...
And this one that Britten shared, was too!  

Isn't that true....We all must learn how to speak superintendent in order to make them see the things we need as teacher librarians and to make a difference for our schools and students.  
Next, I shared my keynote Be The Change You Want To See In The Library, Education and the World and we ended our time together with...
an amazing conversation about what we can do as Future Ready Librarians...
and the difference we will make.
I really enjoyed getting to know everyone during this time and hearing the stories, celebrations and inspiration happening within their libraries and schools.

To share this time with you, I created a Storify that you will find below.

Also, please follow #maslsc to follow the MASL Conference and as always, follow #FutureReadyLibs to be part of this ongoing conversation with Future Ready Librarians, administrators and others too.
Together, we can be the change and we will make a difference as Future Ready Librarians too. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Future Ready Schools’ 2017 Events – Sign Up Today!

Future Ready Schools® (FRS) has announced a series of eight free regional events to support educators who are planning to implement personalizing learning strategies for their students. Building upon the success of the popular FRS Summits and Workshops  the FRS Institutes broadens the audience and are  designed to help to build a regional network with like-minded colleagues where district and school leaders can work together in real time, get feedback, and find support they need to take the next steps in the Future Ready journey.
Registration options have been expanded to include district leadership teams, and individual principals, teachers, IT directors and librarians. FRS is working with an advisory board of leading educational experts to create a research-based, two-day agenda that is action packed with personalized professional learning that models high-quality professional development practices lead by expert facilitators.
Same as in past years, the 2017 FRS institutes are FREE with limited space available, Dates and locations are as follows:
  • July 13-14: Denver, CO
  • July 20-21: Albany, NY
  • August 3-4: Palm Springs, CA
  • September 25-26: Indianapolis, IN
  • October 11-12: Philadelphia, PA
  • October 26-27: New Orleans, LA
  • November 14-15: Sacramento, CA
  • November 29-30: Detroit, MI
For more info and to register for a free FRS Institute in your region, visit:
The FRS Institutes are generously supported by our partners Follett Software, McGraw Hill Education, Pearson Education, and Summit Learning.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Did You Know You Can Search And Find #OER In Destiny Discover?

Earlier this week I shared a post about all of the amazing open educational resources we have access to as part of the #GoOpen initiative. 

You can read Future Ready Librarians Hold The Key To #GoOpen and OER...Here's One Idea For Curating and Sharing These Too here.  
In this post, I want to share how Follett supports our efforts in using and integrating OER into our libraries and school communities too.  

To start, I just have to ask...

Did you know you can search and find the open educational resources in Destiny?  

I recently learned about this and couldn't wait to share this awesome news with all of you!  

In 2016, Follett announced their commitment in joining the U.S. Department of Education's #GoOpen campaign by making it possible to search and access the Learning Registry, a shared repository of learning resource metadata, within Destiny Discover.  

"This new functionality will make it easier for teachers to search for and find free, open educational resources from the Learning Registry alongside print and digital resources owned by their school, creating lesson plans and playlists that drive appropriate content to students" (Follett, 2016)
Nader Qaimari shared, "As a company with deep roots in K-12 libraries, we are particularly excited about how this will help teacher-librarians further curate and guide teachers where to find the best content and use it effectively.”

I couldn't agree more and let me show you how easy it is to do. 

I did a search for Poetry with Poetry Month right around the corner.  

It brought up all resources about Poetry including Books, eBooks, Databases and Open Educational Resources.  
You will find it at the top of each search page.

It is also very easy to filter the OER content in different ways including by Format, which I find super helpful with the vast amount of open educational resources.  You will be able to search such things as Assessments, Lesson Plans, Activities,  Articles, Videos and more.
To make it easy to connect with the OER in Destiny Discover, I have included a link in the OER Resources and Tools Symbaloo too. 

You will find it here

It is wonderful how Follett has embraced #GoOpen and OER by supporting us within our libraries and schools, leading to even more leadership, collaboration, and connections for our teacher librarians, teachers and students. 

Now make sure that you share this with your teachers and even your students as a Future Ready Librarian too.