Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Week 1 of Virtual Camp Adventure! Let's See Where Imagination Will Take Them!

It's time to kick off our Virtual Camp Adventure!  

This week, we are focusing on the topic of Imagination. When you go to the special website
you will find the choice board for Week 1.  You can also find it here.  

On this special choice board, you will find places for your students and families to explore as they read, draw, play, cook, create music, stay healthy and more.
On the website, I also created a Collection by Destiny for the Virtual Camp Adventure that you will find....
 ...here.  I will add each weeks choice board and other resources including the Google Site, bookmark, flyer and more.
In the Week 1 choice board, they will find the Week 1 of Virtual Camp Adventure Buncee filled with Capstone Interactive eBooks that everyone has free access to at home.
I shared this with my students and families in a variety of places including email, our library Facebook and other social media, the library website and I even changed the header on our Destiny Discover.  I will do that each week. 

I hope you share this with your students and families for a fun first week of Virtual Camp Adventure. Let's see where their imaginations will take them! 

And if you'd like to make changes to the choice board, you will find an editable copy here.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

NEW Webinar....Using Symbaloo for Remote Learning, Summer Reading and Beyond

As you know, I love using Symbaloo for curating, organizing and sharing resources with our students, teachers and families. I also love using Symbaloo for professional development opportunities with educators and Future Ready Librarians around the world. 

On May 27, 2020, please join me as I share how I use Symbaloo to create inclusive online learning and reading environments for my school community throughout the year and summer learning months, and how Symbaloo is an essential part of our remote learning plan too. 

And I am excited that Bryan Hurtado, from Symbaloo, will be joining me to show us the ins and outs of creating and managing within Symbaloo.  This will be super helpful for beginners to advanced users....I know I will learn a lot from him during the webinar too. 

I can't wait to share what you need to use Symbaloo within your library and school.  In fact,  at the end of the webinar I will be sharing the NEW Future Ready Librarian Symbaloo work space where we can all connect, share and learn together. 
You will find the registration here where you can sign up for the webinar. 

If you have any questions, join the discussion at #SymbalooRemoteLearning on Twitter and tag me @shannonmmiller too.  I can't wait to see all of you and hear how you use Symbaloo too. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

It's Time For The 12-Week Virtual Camp Adventure! Your Students & Families Can Join Us Too!

One thing I love about the summertime is finding special and fun ways for students and families to stay connected to reading, learning and creative experiences throughout the summer. 

I am excited to announce that this summer, I have created Our Virtual Camp Adventure....Where reading, learning and creating can take you on adventures all summer long! 
Each week starting May 25, there will be a new choice board,
like the one we created for Children's Book Week, filled with reading and learning adventures. You will find that one here too. 

There will be eBooks like Capstone Interactive, research using PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next, writing, arts and crafts, STEAM, cooking, exercise and games, social emotional learning, music, virtual field trips and other fun and meaningful experiences!
Each week will also include resources and extensions in Collections by Destiny, You've Been Book'd Buncee's, Symbaloo's and more.
I will be using the new Virtual Camp Adventure site to share each weeks choice board and resources. You will find it here.  This is what you can share with your students and families.
You will find this poster here...
...and the bookmark/banner here

Everything included each week will be available to everyone throughout the summer.

We can't wait to see where reading and learning will take us on this adventure all summer long. We hope you will join us too!