Friday, December 3, 2021

Day 3 of the 25 Days of Digital Tools and Apps from Future Ready Librarians® is Here, Friends!


Its December 3 and Day 3 of our very special 25 Days of Digital Tools and Apps from Future Ready Librarians®.   

As I shared here, for the first 25 days in December, I will be sharing digital tools, along with ideas and resources to go with each, all shared by wonderful Future Ready Librarians from around the country. 
Today, Kristina Holzweiss shares Book CreatorJust click on Card 3. 
On our interactive choice board, Kristina shares about Book Creator including a description; uses as a Future Ready Librarian, and ideas for using it with students. She has included pictures, videos and lots of helpful resources . 
In the upper right hand corner of the slide, there is a short 3 minute video of Kristina sharing Book Creator during our webinar last month.  

To open the video full screen, just double click on it. This time with our special guest will bring everything together and leave you with lots of ideas to use the digital tool within your school and library too. 
You will find the video here too
As we add more and more days and slides, just click on the red house in the right hand corner of every slide.  That will take you back to...
...this front page where you can easily click on any of the days as they are being added throughout the month.  And it will be a great way to follow lots of amazing Future Ready Librarians too! 

I hope you join us for this 25 days of learning and fun, friends.  You will find the link for The 25 Days of Digital Tools and Ideas from Future Ready Librarians here.  

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Three NEW Choice Boards For Everyone To Use As We Celebrate Computer Science Education Week December 6-12, 2021!


As we get ready for Computer Science Week at Van Meter, I partnered with our friends at Capstone to put together three new choice boards for our students in preschool to 12th grade.  

I wanted to include places where they could learn more like PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and...

...through Capstone Interactive eBooks. 

I also wanted to give them a place to celebrate the people who have contributed to computer science and to learn more about all of the careers possible in the computer science field. 

Once they learn more about computer science, students can try out a little CS on their own with the Coding Choice Boards. 

I broke the Computer Science Education Week Choice Boards into three grade levels. 
I put Preschool-2nd Grade and 3rd-6th Grade together in one collection.  They just click on either white box and it will take them to either choice board. The little green house will take them back to that home page with the two white boxes. 
You will find the link to the Let's Celebrate Computer Science Education Week Choice Board for 3rd to 6th Graders here.
Then I put 6th-12th grade in one choice board collection. 
You will find the Let's Celebrate Computer Science Education Week Choice Board for 6th to 12th Graders here.

The three Coding Choice Boards included on these special CS choice boards can be found in this post from yesterday.  There will find the links to make edits or share with your students. 
And here is the poster that I use with the QR Code and  This makes it super easy to send it home with the kids and use in their classroom and library with any device.  You will find the link here to make a copy too. 

These choice boards will be open for everyone to use with your students through December.  Enjoy learning, creating and celebrating Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code next week, friends. 

If you would like to see the Capstone Interactive eBooks we included, check out this list from Capstone for the eBooks and print books. 

Winter Break Reading Bingo Cards!


As we get ready for our students and families to be on winter break, our friends at Capstone have created two special NEW Winter Break Reading Bingo cards for all of us. 

On the Downloads page on the Capstone site, 

they are posted under the Featured Downloadables. There is a Winter Reading Bingo in English and Winter Reading Bingo in Spanish. When you click on either, 

they will open up in Buncee by Capstone, 
where you can download and print as is or...
...make a copy to edit.  I did this with the Winter Break Reading Bingo in the image above.  I added Van Meter Readers to personalize it a little bit. 
After I made that edit, I downloaded the Buncee to print and share with the teachers, students and families. 
You can also make edits in Buncee to the Spanish version or...
...print as is too.  

Our students love checking out extra books to read over winter break.  I hope this adds to the excitement around their reading and break too.