Tuesday, July 14, 2020

It's Here! Week 8 of Virtual Camp Adventure....BUGS!

It's time for Week 8 of Our Virtual Camp Adventure!  

This week, we are focusing on the topic of Bugs!  When you go to the special websiteyou will find the choice board for Week 8.  You can also find it here.  

On this special choice board, you will find places for your students and families to explore as they read, draw, play, cook, create music, exercise, focus on social emotional learning and more.
This week, Daelynn, one of our graduating seniors at Van Meter School, created a craft that can be found above and in the choice board. It is so much fun!
On the website, I also created a Collection by Destiny for the Virtual Camp Adventure that you will find....
 ...here.  I will add each weeks choice board and other resources including the Google Site, bookmark, flyer and more. 
Students and families will find another special Collection by Destiny for additional...
...Summer Reading and Learning Programs here and on the Week 8 Choice Board as circled in the picture above.
In the Week 8 choice board, they will find the Week 8 of Virtual Camp Adventure...Bugs Buncee filled with Capstone Interactive eBooks that everyone has free access to at home.
You will find all of the Buncees of Capstone eBooks for each week here on this special Virtual Camp Adventure Buncee Board.
I shared this with my students and families in a variety of places including email, our library Facebook and other social media, the library website and I even changed the header on our Destiny Discover.  I will do that each week.

I hope you share this with your students and families for a fun seventh week of Virtual Camp Adventure. Let's see what happens when they learn about and celebrate BUGS! 

And if you'd like to make changes to the choice board, you will find an editable copy here.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Join Us For The Very First Future Ready Librarian Virtual Summit!

Update to post...The Future Ready Librarian Summit is now full but you can still be added to the waiting list.  More information coming soon. We can't wait to see everyone. 

I am excited to announce a special event for Future Ready Librarians!  On August 3 and 6, Mark Ray and I, along with our FRL Advisory Team, will be hosting the very first Future Ready Librarian Summit.

We would love to have you join us for this wonderful professional learning event designed to provide effective leadership strategies and evidence-based practices to support librarians in preparing for remote and blended learning this fall. 
The Future Ready Librarian Summit is two half day, virtual, interactive, high-quality professional learning experience for school and district librarians. The Future Ready Librarian Summit is designed to provide effective leadership strategies and evidence-based practices to support librarians in preparing for remote and blended learning this fall.
This summit will not be your typical virtual conference experience. Before the event, registered attendees will be asked to weigh in on their areas of priorities in preparing for the next school year. During the event, attendees will then work collaboratively with librarians from across the country to discuss and problem-solve these common issues...together.
Together we will learn how to implement student-centered learning strategies to address existing inequities, supporting a blended learning in the library.
We will discuss tangible ideas about policies, procedures, and practices that create a future ready library for students and staff in a blended learning environment.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be inspired by like-minded colleagues from around the country.
Due to the interactive agenda, this micro summit is limited to the first 500 participants, so sign up now at this link. And yes, it is free, friends. 

BOOKHUB...A Fun Way For Readers To "Order" Books For Delivery From The Library

When we return to learn in the fall, I want our students to be excited about being able to find, check out and read books from our library.  I want to make sure we are there to help them with this process as it will look different this year. 
Since our students will be staying in their classrooms, we will be coming to them with the books.  We will need a way for them to "order" what type of books they want so we can do the "shopping" in the library and match them up with books they will love to read. 

One night last week, my family ordered GRUBHUB at home.  As we were on the app ordering food with a few special instructions, putting in our name, address and receiving an estimated delivery time, I started to think how this was a lot like how we can get books into the hands of our readers too. 
Later after dinner, I did a little research on GRUBHUB and their ideas behind marketing.  I loved this article that shared...
...how they redeveloped their logo and how they used strong logos, images,
colors, and fun to hook their customers.

I went online to find fonts, colors, phrases, app design and other elements that resembled GRUBHUB while turning out new concept in the Van Meter School Library BOOKHUB, with the tagline...
...Order books you love, online in our Destiny or with this BOOKHUB form.  Delivered to you in 24 hours or less. 

First, I started by creating the Van Meter School Library BOOKHUB posters to share the new way to order books in a fun and catchy way. 

With one of the ways to order books is online is by reserving them with our Destiny,
I added this QR code to the poster. When they scan the QR code, it will take them to our Destiny. 

A little tip, I made that QR code with QR Code Monkey that you can find here. 
We will hang the BOOKHUB posters in each classroom so students will know how to order books online or with the BOOKHUB form. 
For the preschool and elementary students, I created two different forms that we can print as small as a cell phone and pass out to the students in the classrooms. 
This one is for our youngest readers and gives them choices for picture and nonfiction books.

They can circle up to 3 to add to their order and this will help us as we shop for their books.
And this one is for second through sixth grade (even older) giving them choices according to our genre and nonfiction categories.  They will circle up to 3 to add to their order as well. 

There is also a space at the bottom where they can write Special Instructions and Book Requests. 
I created these in Google Slides.  I can then make changes throughout the year, switching up the categories and choices for our readers. 

You can make a copy and use these for your readers.  Here is the BOOKHUB slide for Picture Book and Nonfiction Books for our Youngest Readers and...
I also want to make sure they can engage with and use BOOKHUB at home with their families so I made a new page on our website with information, images and the...
...two BOOKHUB Google Slides embedded. 

For our middle and high school students, I did BOOKHUB a little different and created a Google Form. 
On the Van Meter School Library BOOKHUB Google Form, our students will read how they can order books online by reserving them in our Destiny or through the BOOKHUB Google Form, delivering the books to them in 24 hours or less.
To order books, they just have to answer a few questions such as specific books or authors, favorite genres and any special instructions.  This will all be very helpful when we are shopping for their books. 

The first week back to learning in the fall, I will share BOOKHUB with all of our students and teachers so they know how to fill out the cards and online forms and where to find them anytime they need them.  
It will also be the perfect time to review Destiny and make sure they know how to login to put books on hold and find eBooks, audio books and eResources.
With each delivery, we will use these BOOKHUB DELIVERY tags I created to...
...tie onto each set of books. They include a place to write who the BOOKHUB order is for and where it will be delivered.  
We can't wait to start putting books back into our readers hands. BOOKHUB will be a special way to start. 

And just wait until you see what we have planned for our BOOKHUB Delivery Cart too!