Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Look What's New From Our Friends At StickTogether! It's The Virtual Stickerboard Calendar!


Our friends at StickTogether are kicking off February with a big announcement! 

Every month, they will be creating a wonderful calendar that shows special events throughout the month. And the BEST part...they have created a monthly Virtual StickTogether Sticker Board Gallery to go along with these special events and celebrations!  
You will find out more about Virtual Stickerboards and how to use them with your students here.

Once you click on Create a Virtual Stickerboard, 
you will find the February 2023 Gallery.  

This gallery has all of the virtual sticker posters that correspond with the days on the new StickTogether Virtual StickTogether Calendar. 

Check them out! 
The virtual sticker boards are FREE for everyone to use.  

We can't wait to start using the StickTogether calendar with our students too.  They will LOVE these. 

Celebrating World Read Aloud Day By Sharing The Importance of Reading Aloud With Your Child In This Special Infographic From Our Friends At Capstone!


Today is World Read Aloud Day and a wonderful time to celebrate the importance of reading aloud. 

Our friends at Capstone have created a special infographic that shares how research shows that reading aloud to children gives them a head start on language and literacy skills, as well as provides support in the relationship between parent and child. 

This is great information to share with all teachers, families and students as we celebrate World Read Aloud not only today, but reading aloud all throughout the year. 

along with several others that share the importance of reading, learning and so much more here on the Capstone site. 

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Check Out The 2 NEW Virtual Stickerboards To Share & Create With Your Students To Celebrate Groundhog Day On February 2!

I love seeing all of the virtual stickerboards our friends at StickTogether create for special events throughout the year. 

With Groundhog Day coming up on February 2, there are two new designs that are perfect for our Groundhog Day celebrations. 
You will find them here on StickTogether's amazing new website.

Also, if virtual stickerboards are new to you, check out my blog post about how they work.  

We always have so much fun creating and collaborating on the virtual stickerboards. And one of the best parts...they are FREE for everyone.