Friday, August 7, 2020

PebbleGo Next: Take the Next Step in Digital Citizenship and Research for 3rd-5th grade....Join Us For This New Webinar, Friends

Next week on August 13, I have the honor of joining my friends at Capstone for a webinar focused on one of our favorite digital resources, PebbleGo Next. 

As the webinar site shares, 

Join us for Capstone's PebbleGo Next Webinar

You're invited to join us on Thursday, August 13 from 3 - 4 p.m. CDT for "PebbleGo Next: Take the Next Step in Digital Citizenship and Research for 3rd-5th grade."

During this webinar you'll learn about the upgraded PebbleGo Next, the most popular PebbleGo add-on, set to launch on August 14. Capstone's Director of Digital Product, Kristie Thoenen, and Ed Tech Marketing Manager, Bryan Schmidt will discuss the importance of making PebbleGo Next available to your older elementary students now and introduce you to the updated features you and your students will discover.

Future-ready teacher librarian and PebbleGo fan, Shannon McClintock Miller will also be doing a deep dive into some of the ways she integrates PebbleGo Next in the classroom and remotely.

Can't make the webinar? No problem! Everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording.

I hope you join us and can't wait to share new ideas for PebbleGo Next, friends. 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Join Us For "Your Ultimate Guide To The Fall 2020 Publishing Season" Webinar From Literacy for Texas

On August 13 at 4:00pm, I am excited to be part of the Literacy for Texas upcoming webinar, Your Ultimate Guide to the Fall 2020 Publishing Season.  

As the invite shares, 

Join Literacy for Texas for a special preview of our favorite new fall 2020 titles. Our special guest panelists include primary and secondary librarians who will be sharing their 'must have' titles to add to your fall library collection. Panelists will also share their best collection development tips and practices, and touch on collection development in response to distance learning. Attendees will receive a Capstone Collector’s “Reading is for Everyone” bag for their participation.

I will be sharing lots of my favorite new books and ways that I am bringing books and reading experiences to our students this year. 

You can register for the webinar here.  Hope to see you there, friends. 

Bookmarks (and Posters) To Use For Helping Students and Teachers Find and Hold A Book In Destiny

One way students and teachers can find and checkout books from our library is through Destiny Discover 

As they find books they'd like to checkout and read, they can place holds on books that are in the library or on books that are currently checked out to another student or teacher.  
With our system of using our BOOKHUB order and delivery in the fall, placing holds on books in Destiny will be even more useful and important for our students, teachers and classrooms as a whole. 
To help everyone with this procedure, I have created bookmarks (found in this post) and posters (found in an earlier post here) that we will share with every classroom, share on our library and continuous learning site and during the library orientation I do with all students and teachers during the first week back to school.  
I use Overnight Prints for my bookmarks.  You will find them here

Here are a few choices that you can use with your students, teachers and families too. The three bookmarks are shown front and back, along with the poster. 

Feel free to make changes and use these as you create special ways to connect your students to books and reading too. 

The Future Ready Schools® Librarian Self-Reflection Tool Is Here!

After an amazing two days at the very first Future Ready Librarians Virtual Summit, I am so inspired and excited about another school year and the difference I can make with the library, our program and throughout the school community. 
As I make plans and set goals for another year, I have the Future Ready Librarian framework in front of me at my desk.  I have circled, highlighted and plastered it with sticky notes over the last several years in my journey as a librarian and educator.  I use it as a guide and framework for myself, and as a way to have conversations and set goals with others within my school district. 

I am also excited to share that we now have a digital tool that will be super helpful to everyone...The Future Ready Schools® Librarian Self-Reflection Tool, which will guide us through....

 ...a detailed breakout of each wedge...
 ... as we give feedback on our level of agreement with each.
 The Future Ready Schools® Librarian Self-Reflection Tool takes our responses...
 ...throughout each wedge and gives us a detailed breakdown...
...of our scores in each. 
The Scoring Rubric and other tips are helpful when navigating the results, as is...
...the Resources we have included at the bottom of the page. 

You can also download the results, which would be helpful to bring when you are having conversations with your administrators and evaluators, setting goals for yourself, collaborating with library and teacher partners and more. 

Promoting & Sharing DESTINYFLIX With NEW Bookmarks and Posters!

As we get ready to start promoting and sharing our eBooks, audiobooks and other online resources using DESTINYFLIX, I have been working on a few fun ways to market this new program too. 
DESTINYFLIX will be someplace our students can go anywhere and anytime to connect with all of our wonderful resources in Follet's Destiny Discover.  They can be at school or at home....anywhere they have access to a device. 
When they click on any of these book covers, it will take them to the eBooks, audiobook or other online resource in our Destiny. 

You will find a link to DESTINYFLIX and the templates here in this blog post. 
To get ready as we go to the classrooms with our BOOKHUB Delivery Cart or our "Library on Wheels", I created...
...DESTINYFLIX bookmarks to share a picture of what it looks like, the QR code that will take them there at school or at home when scanned with any device, including their Chromebooks, iPads or other device, and...
...specific step-by-step directions on how to access the eBooks and audiobooks in Destiny using DESTINYFLIX. 
I took the information on the bookmark and turned it into big posters for each classroom, the library and other spaces around school and at our public library. 

I will also be sending these home with each student in their Library At Home Bag we will be sending home the first week of school.  More to come in an upcoming blog post on that too.
You will find the template for the DESTINYFLIX bookmarks here...
...and the posters here.

I can't wait to see all of the fun ways you are promoting and sharing your eBooks and audiobooks too, friends. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Create Super Cute Stickers With Sticker Mule To Promote Your Library, Readers Advisory, Programming and More!

As we get ready to go back to school this fall, I am dreaming up lots of ways to connect our students and teachers with the library program, books, reading and technology in fun and meaningful ways.
With these plans, we are getting our BOOKHUB Delivery cart ready to roll out on the first day of school to pass out...
...BOOKHUB forms,
DESTINYFLIX posters, bookmarks with directions for Destiny Discover holds and much more.
We have two wooden boxes on our BOOKHUB Delivery cart that we will use for the DESTINYFLIX and Destiny Discover bookmarks and tickets for the LIVE Virtual Pop-In Storytimes.  

There is room for a few more things so I thought it would be super fun to create stickers to hand out to the students and teachers for our...
...BOOKHUB Delivery cart! I received them in the mail tonight and they are so darn cute.  I can't even wait to pass these out the first week of school. 

Let me show you how I created them. 
I took a screenshot of the cart that I put together in Google Slides.
I uploaded the image into and it automatically removed the background.  I downloaded that image to my laptop.
I made a slight change to the first sample I ordered and included the library website at the bottom.
And even made a few larger ones with the QR code. I was afraid that would be too small on the others I ordered. 
I then went to Sticker Mule, my favorite place to order stickers, and clicked on Die Cut Stickers. 
First, you select the Size and Quantity of the die cut stickers you'd like to order.
Next, you Chose the file of the artwork you want to use for your sticker.  This is when I found the image of my BOOKHUB Delivery cart that I removed the background from with 
Lastly, the sticker pops up in your Sticker Mule Cart. If you click on the image, it will pop up to show what the sticker will look like.  

I loved how the BOOKHUB Delivery cart looked without the background and with all of the fun little details. 
I also made OUR BOOKHUB LIBRARY stickers and...
...DESTINYFLIX ones too!  

I am really excited about these too because I used...
...this deal from Sticker Mule to get 50 clear stickers for $29!  You will find it here.
We all love putting stickers on our laptops and water bottles, so I know the stickers will be a hit and a terrific way to celebrate our new BOOKHUB Delivery program and so much more. 

Not to mention, bring a whole lot of happy to our kids.  
Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule
You can click here to get a $10 credit on your Sticker Mule order too!