Friday, December 4, 2020

Picture Books, Graphic Novels, Chapter Books and Nonfiction Books For Hour of Code

Hour of Code is next week on December 7-13, 2020.  This is the perfect time to introduce, teach, share and celebrate coding with your students, teachers and school community.  

Coding is an essential skill for all of our students and one that we need to find creative, meaningful and useful ways to bring to them through teaching, projects, experiences and resources. 
One of my favorite ways to bring coding to our students is through books...picture books, graphic novels, chapter books and nonfiction books.  As I plan for special Hour of Code activities next week at Van Meter, I brought together dozens of books that include coding concepts, resources and stories. 
I have several favorites including...
...The Code It! series from Cantata Learning, 
Code Play series from Capstone, 
Baby Loves Coding from Ruth Spiro, and... book, A Coding Mission, which is part of the Adventures in Makerspace series from Capstone.

A few years ago when I started the Let's Bring Literacy To Life Through Making Padlet, I including a Coding column which includes even more coding books shared by me and others around the world. 

The very first resource under the Coding Column is the amazing Coding and Early Literacy Padlet from my friend and teacher librarian, Ashley Cooksey. 
She brought together books that introduce and support coding concepts and early literacy.  It's so helpful. 

You will find it here.  Thank you, Ashley. 

And as you can see, there are lots of books, focusing on coding, found on the Padlet including...
We would love to have you add coding books to the Padlet too.  All you have to do is go here and find the Coding Column.  

Have fun gathering together coding books to share with all of your students next week for Hour of Code.  They are the best way to kick off the week and a great way to include coding all year long, at school and at home.  

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