Thursday, December 3, 2020

It's Episode 5 of the Capstone Virtual Book Club! You Will LOVE "May Saves the Day"!

I started my day with two very special people,  Laura Gehl and Serena Lombardo, the author and illustrator of Capstone's new book, May Saves the DayThey were my special guests on episode 5 of the Capstone Publishing Virtual Book Club. 
I loved listening to Laura read May Saves the Day, and hearing her share the inspiration behind her new book and how she become an author. 

And it was so special having Serena join us from Italy to share her amazing talent and how she became an illustrator.  She truly made Laura's story come to life.

I know you will love hearing their story, and your students will too.  
You will find today's Capstone Virtual Book Club recording here.  These are great to share with students in the library and classroom, but also wonderful to share with our learners at home too.  

And just a little tip, by sharing that link above, there are no ads or sidebar videos included. 

Laura and Capstone have created a wonderful resources for us. May Saves the Day Word Activities can be found here.  
You will find the Capstone Publishing Virtual Book Club on YouTube.  Please subscribe here.

A special thank you to Laura and Serena for joining us today.  You two are an inspiration and we can't wait to share your story.  

And I can't wait for all of you to join us for the next Capstone Virtual Book Club. 

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