Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It's Day 23 of the 23 Days of Digital Tools and Apps For Future Ready Librarians! Today, Subscribe To The Future Ready Librarian Podcast Series, Friends!

Its December 23 and Day 23 of our very special 25 Days of Digital Tools and Apps from Future Ready Librarians®.   

As I shared here, for the first 25 days in December, I will be sharing digital tools, along with ideas and resources to go with each, all shared by wonderful Future Ready Librarians from around the country. 
Today, I will share the Future Ready Librarian podcast series, Leading from the Library.  Just click on Card 23. 
On our interactive choice board, we share how to subscribe and listen to the first season of our podcast series. As you can see from this slide, you can subscribe to the podcast series in three different ways. 

As you learn on Day 23, we would love to hear how you are preparing for this type of learning too.  Feel free to add to the post in the Future Ready Librarian Facebook page or on Twitter or Instagram using #FutureReadyLibs or #FutureReady.
As we add more and more days and slides, just click on the red house in the right hand corner of every slide.  That will take you back to...
...this front page where you can easily click on any of the days as they are being added throughout the month.  And it will be a great way to follow 25 amazing Future Ready Librarians too! 

I hope you join us for this 25 days of learning and fun, friends.  You will find the link for The 25 Days of Digital Tools and Ideas from Future Ready Librarians here.

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