Tuesday, October 31, 2017

30 Tiny Books To Make, Read and Treasure In Your Makerspace and Library

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. 

When I opened up the box, I pulled out the most beautiful book. 

And then I stopped, Oh wait, this book is actually a box.  
I opened the lid and found this tiny book that read My Miniature Library.... 30 Tiny Books To Make, Read and Treasure Instructions.  
 Inside the box were delicate pages of paper with tiny words and detailed, bright colored illustrations.
They were all ready to be cut and made into a mini library!   
This couldn't have come at a better time as I have been working on a few ideas for creating homemade books and books projects in our libraries and Makerspaces.  
With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect gift idea and of course, anytime throughout the year is the perfect time for bookmaking too!  

In fact, I even put together the Homemade Books and Book Projects Pinterest Board to bring together and share lots of ideas I have been finding online and through research. 
Let's get back to My Mini Library...30 Tiny Books To Make, Read and Treasure from Laurence King Publishing, illustrated by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini.

As the flyer inside states, My Miniature Library is a charming gift set of 30 tiny books, housed in a box that converts into a home library with a punch-out bookcase.  Each book requires assembly of cutting, folding and gluing.  
The 30 titles include abbreviated versions of fairy tales, classic stories, natural history volumes, plus 10 blank books (some guided) read for creative authorship.  

Can't you just see this in a Makerspace?  My students would have been so excited!  

And my own children would love it too!  

So last night, Hagan and I set off to create our very first book for our miniature library.  
 We decided to make Cinderella.  

First, we found the pages and...
 the cover.
We also opened up the My Miniature Library Instruction Book
 It told us to cut out the two strip of the pages from Cinderella and the cover.
 Next, Hagan folded the two strips as instructed...
back and forth until...
 both were ready to be...
 glued to the next one on the end pages.
 We just used an Elmer's Glue Stick.
As we glued it together, we made sure it was well folded into the little accordion so it would fit into...
 the Cinderella book cover.  We glued the two end pages onto the back and front of the cover too.
 We were very excited and happy to see how beautiful our little book was!
 Now it was time to create the bookcase for Cinderella and all of the miniature books.
When the bookcase was finished, we put it into the box which converts into a room with a wood floor and wallpaper walls including a window and framed picture.

Cinderella fit perfectly on the shelf.
 And everything fit inside of the box for storage when not being displayed or used.
I love how there are 10 blank books and covers children can write and finish themselves.  

This will inspire writing, creativity and excitement as these tiny treasures are shared and cherished.

Here are a few ways you could use the blank books...

  • Have your students write fractured fairy tales 
  • Have your students write their own classics
  • Have your students write adventure stories from their Makerspace
  • Have your students write about their creative superpower
  • Have your students write tiny book biographies
I couldn't love this new little library more!  I can't wait for you and your makers to open up the box and build your miniature library too. 
Watch this video to learn more and visit Laurence King Publishing to order yours today.

Show Students What It Means To Be A Digital Age Learner With This Rap From Flocabulary!

As educators, we are always looking for ways to make learning with technology meaningful and impactful for our students.  

Our friends at Flocabulary have created a rap that will get our students excited and engaged as we show them the true meaning of a Digital Age Learner. 

You will find the ISTE Standards for Students Music Video above and learn all about the ISTE standards here.

I can't wait to share this with the students and teachers I know too!  

Monday, October 30, 2017

Picture Book Month Books, Resources, A Special Collection & So Much Fun For You!

Every November, we celebrate one of my favorite literacy events of the year...
This year, Picture Book Month officially begins today, October 31, in loving memory of Dianna de Las Casas, the founder of this special event.  

In this beautiful post, the founders pay tribute to Dianne and all that she gave to Picture Book Month, children's literature, storytelling and the world.   
This special literacy initiative celebrates the print picture book during the month of November (and this year on October 31) around the world.

Every day, a picture book champion will share why they think picture books are important.  In this recent post, you can read all about how to get the Picture Book Month Calendar too. 
Today I created a Picture Book Month Collection that is filled with amazing resources just for this very special month. 
You will find the official Picture Book Month website
Along with lots of sites, articles and resources filled with wonderful picture books to use including SLJ's Best of 2016 Books, Apps and More
and 17 Picture Books Not To Be Missed In 2017 from Brightly, to name a few. 
And one of my favorite resources included in the Picture Book Month Collection is the Picture Book Month Titlewave List my friends at Follett created just for us.  

A lot of the titles on this list are picture books that were presented to them at publisher meetings they attended.  I find all of them so awesome and perfect for our libraries and classrooms.  

Even more picture books can be found by going to the Titlewave home page, clicking For The Library, then Elementary Schools and then Picture Books.  Picture Books included here include recent fiction and nonfiction illustrated stories including many highly reviewed and award winning titles. 
Also, you will find a list of Caldecott Books on Titlewave by clicking For the Library, then Award Winners and then Caldecott Award.  These are always some of our favorites too!  
I hope all of these resources help you get ready for the best Picture Book Month yet!  I know it sure has me ready to celebrate all month, and all year long too.  

Celebrate Winter and Math Skills With This New Series From Cantata Learning!

With wintery cold and snowy months here, this new series from Cantata Learning is perfect to bring to your library and classroom too.
It is Winter Math, and includes 6 wonderful and engaging stories and songs by Charles Ghigna, illustrated by Misa Saburi, and music arranged and produced by Mark Oblinger.
 The six titles cover topics Odd Numbers, Count by 10 to 100, Subtraction, Even Numbers, Making 10 and of course Addition, as seen above.
Each title helps young learners practice the importance of each math skills and is paired with beautiful illustrations and rhythmic music that will make them want to sing and read along. 
And just like all Cantata Learning's titles, each one can be found online where the music can be streamed and downloaded.  

You can see Addition online....even the instrumental version too.  
In fact, today on Cantata Learning's YouTube Channel
all six of the Winter Math songs and stories were featured on Cantata Learning's YouTube Channel, which you will find here
I also helped create the Winter Math Lesson Plan which ties music, art, math, technology and language arts into this series.
You will love the Art, Technology and Writing Extensions too.  
I also shared the Winter Around the World Global Project that we did a few years ago to inspire you and your students to create and connect with each others and others.  You will find this story here

So bundle up friends and get ready to celebrate winter and learn important math skills through these wonderful stories and songs. 
You will find Winter Math on the Capstone site here.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Games Week Is Coming....Look At The Games & Gaming Experiences You Can Bring To Your Library & Classroom!

One of my favorite things to bring into libraries and classrooms are games.  

We have board games, library games, online games, learning games, digital citizenship games and so much more!  This was an important part of our library and something that everyone can bring to your students and community too.  

And in November, we have the perfect week to bring games and gaming to our library.  

On October 29 to November 4 we celebrate International Games Week!  

International Games Week is an initiative run by volunteers from around the world to reconnect communities through their libraries around the educational, recreational, and social value of all types of games.

To get us ready for International Games Week, I have brought together three awesome resources for all of us to use.  

This is filled with resources that you can use during this celebration and all throughout the year. 
The second is this amazing Titlewave list of books and eResources for International Games Day our friends at Follett have put together for all of us. 

You can get to it here
And third, I have created a Padlet just for Games for the Library and Classroom. 

I love the posts on our Future Ready Librarian Facebook Group about games in the library, especially when board games are shared.  

With all of the posts and everyone trying to keep track of what is being shared, I created a Padlet tonight that we can collaborate on together.  
Not only did I include Board Games, but I also included a column for Digital Citizenship Games, Library Games, Makerspace Games, Breakout EDU and Online Learning Games.  

We can add more columns too...this is just a start.  

I just started adding links to the Padlet.  Please go to the Games for the Library and Classroom Padlet to share what your students love too. 

And don't forget to ask your students what they would add too. 

Have fun celebrating International Games Week.  I can't wait to hear how you are going to celebrate too.