Sunday, October 22, 2017

Teach Your Students To Stay Safe Online With This Story and Song!

This just made my day!  

Last week while presenting with my dear friend Lynn Kleinmeyer at the ITEC Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, I gave her my new book Staying Safe Online.  

I thought it was perfect to share on Digital Citizenship Week.  I just love that her daughter thought so too!  
I love this story and song too!

Staying Safe Online teaches our youngest learners all about the online world and what they need to know to stay safe online and be productive, engaging digital citizens.   
Not only will they learn along with the adorable animal characters created by illustrator Kathryn Durst, they will sing along with Emily Arrow, who wrote and sang the music for Staying Safe Online and the other three books in this series, 

Click above to listen to Staying Safe Online...

I just love how Emily took this story and made it into such a sweet and catchy tune for all of our young learners to sing as they learn how to stay safe online and practice their digital citizen skills.   

I know you will love it too!  
As you are singing along with your students, you will find the music.... 
...and lyrics in the back of the book and on the Cantata Learning site. 
You can also scan the QR codes, which is on the back of the book and inside the book, can be scanned to go to the music....
...on the Cantata Learning site too.  

The music can be streamed, download and there is even an instrumental version of Staying Safe Online too. 

You will find Staying Safe Online here
Staying Safe Online is perfect to use when teaching your students simple digital citizenship skills and as you kick off another year.  
Here is a lesson plan for this book and the entire Library Skills series. 

I hope you love reading and singing it just as much as I do.  
You will find it on the Capstone site here.  It is available as an eBook in Capstone Interactive too.  

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