Monday, October 30, 2017

Celebrate Winter and Math Skills With This New Series From Cantata Learning!

With wintery cold and snowy months here, this new series from Cantata Learning is perfect to bring to your library and classroom too.
It is Winter Math, and includes 6 wonderful and engaging stories and songs by Charles Ghigna, illustrated by Misa Saburi, and music arranged and produced by Mark Oblinger.
 The six titles cover topics Odd Numbers, Count by 10 to 100, Subtraction, Even Numbers, Making 10 and of course Addition, as seen above.
Each title helps young learners practice the importance of each math skills and is paired with beautiful illustrations and rhythmic music that will make them want to sing and read along. 
And just like all Cantata Learning's titles, each one can be found online where the music can be streamed and downloaded.  

You can see Addition online....even the instrumental version too.  
In fact, today on Cantata Learning's YouTube Channel
all six of the Winter Math songs and stories were featured on Cantata Learning's YouTube Channel, which you will find here
I also helped create the Winter Math Lesson Plan which ties music, art, math, technology and language arts into this series.
You will love the Art, Technology and Writing Extensions too.  
I also shared the Winter Around the World Global Project that we did a few years ago to inspire you and your students to create and connect with each others and others.  You will find this story here

So bundle up friends and get ready to celebrate winter and learn important math skills through these wonderful stories and songs. 
You will find Winter Math on the Capstone site here.

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