Saturday, August 13, 2022

A Little Library Take Out Box For Our Teachers...Just Wait To See Where This Year Takes Us!


To kick off every year with our teachers, I put something together to give them as we plan for another awesome year of collaboration, co-teaching, and innovation, while growing our culture of reading and learning within our school community. It's the perfect way to start the year. 

This year, while waiting for Chinese take out, I thought about using a take out container and filling it with lots of information, surprises and goodies. 

I thought I would also make a cute tag that said, Just wait to see where this year TAKES us!...a little play on the work TAKE. 
I took these ideas and went to Canva to make a large tag to be tied to the metal handle of the box. 
I printed the tags onto white card stock, cut it out into a square, and...
....glued it onto black and white scrapbooking paper. 
I added a whole to the left hand corner and tied a piece of jute through the tag onto the take out box handle. 
I then typed up the contents of the take out boxes.  You can see what each one includes above. 
I am very excited what I created to go inside!  I made these Librarian Help Notes.  You can read how to make your own from my Canva template in this blog post
I am surprising all of the teachers with a Novel Effect account, which I can't wait to give them.  I made this Novel Effect coupon in Canva too.

Also, here is where you can find out more information about Novel Effect for librarians, teachers and schools. 
We use MERGE Edu a lot at our school but I have never given them a MERGE sticker. They will be surprised! 
Oh, and did you see what I made for our new Van Meter School Library Google Classroom?  It's a little KEY they can use to join with their students the first week of school. 

You will find the post about the Google Classroom Key here.

In addition to these things, I will add life savers, gum, and candy, each with a little meaning behind them. 

Over the weekend, I will be sharing one last thing...Our Van Meter School Library Menu of Services! I will roll that up in the box too. 

I glued the contents tag onto the side of the container. 
The boxes are all ready to go for next Friday when I invited the teachers into the library for our back to school celebration. I can't wait for our year. 

I would also love to see what you are doing with your teachers too, friends. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Perfecting The Picture Book II With Carmen Oliver...A Writing Barn Online Course To Check Out!


My friend and author, Carmen Oliver, has a very exciting online course coming up. It's for anyone who would like to learn how to write picture books. 

Perfecting the Picture Book II With Carmen Oliver, A Writing Barn 6-Week Online Course, runs from August 17-September 21, 2022 from 7:00-9:00pm CST. 

You can register for the online course here

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Join Us For The NEW Future Ready Librarian Webinar....Kicking Off A New School Year With Awareness and Mindfulness In The Library


We are so excited to kick off the new school year with a NEW Future Ready Librarian webinar! 

On August 24, 2022 at 4:00pm CST, join us for Kicking Off A New School Year With Awareness and Mindfulness In The Library. 

Awareness and mindfulness practices are extremely important for students and teachers to be their best selves. But how can we ensure that our school libraries foster mindfulness, self-care, and inclusion? Join us to discuss awareness, mindfulness, self-care, and inclusion in your collection, your library practice and lesson planning, and through the use of technology.

During the webinar, guests will share the following:

  • An overview of what awareness is and how it is different from mindfulness
  • Strategies and options of which to be aware for collection development
  • A review of awareness and mindfulness for students and ideas for your library
  • Tips on how to be mindful with technology use and practices to can share with students
  • Traci Chun, Teacher, Vancouver Public Schools (WA)
  • Ashley Cooksey, Technology Learning Center Director and Instructor, University of Central Arkansas (AK)
  • Lynn Kleinmeyer, Digital Learning Consultant, Grant Wood Area Education Agency, Cedar Rapids, (IA) @THLibrariZen
  • Shannon McClintock Miller, Future Ready Librarian Spokesperson and District Teacher Librarian, Van Meter Community School (IA) @shannonmmiller and
You can register for the webinar here. The recording will be sent out after the webinar too. 

We hope you join us for this special webinar, friends. 

Mark Your Calendar For A Very Special Deal On All ISTE Books Starting August 15, 2022!


Our friends at ISTE have a very special deal for all of us as we kick off a new school year. 

Coming up on August 15, 2022, we can save 40% off the list price of all ISTE Books!  

You will find all of the amazing ISTE books here
Also, make sure you sign up for the ISTE Books + Journals Newsletter here to stay up to date on all of the exciting news and additions. 

Kick Off The School Year With StickTogether Curriculum Connections....Library, Art, ELA, SEL and More!


Over the next several weeks, our friends at StickTogether are sharing amazing NEW StickTogether Curriculum Connections for over 10 subjects. 

These will be helpful for all us as librarians, educators, administrators, and others, as we plan meaningful, engaging and fun ways to bring StickTogether to our libraries and classrooms this year. 

To start, they have shared...
...Library and Art Curriculum Connections found here and...
....ELA and SEL Curriculum Connections found here
I also LOVE how there is a Tech Tie In's at the bottom of each too.  

These Curriculum Connections are such a wonderful way to kick off the year with StickTogether as they will deepen the connections our students make within these special collaborative experiences.
You can receive all of the StickTogether Curriculum Connections and so much more in their newsletter. You will find a link to subscribe on this page. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bringing Reading To Life...My NEW Webinar Series For The Fall! You Can Register For Part One On September 7, 2022 Here, Friends.


We are excited to announce a new Follett Community Webinar Series coming this fall! 

In this first of a series of three short presentations, Shannon McClintock Miller will share engaging ways you can bring reading to life for your students. You’ll learn how to create amazing spaces and experiences within your library and throughout your school community to bring reading excitement and motivation to all students. 

For librarians and teachers, there are so many engaging and wonderful ways to bring reading to life for students, teachers, and families within the library and school community. 

This fall, join Van Meter, Iowa, district teacher librarian and Future Ready Librarians® spokesperson Shannon McClintock Miller as she breaks down the special ways you can bring reading to life in a series of three short webinars.

In this first webinar in the series, “Bringing Reading to Life, Part One: In Your Library and in Your School,” Miller will share engaging ways you can create amazing spaces and experiences within your library and throughout the school community to bring excitement and motivation to reading for all students.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to make your library a special place for all readers
  • Ideas to celebrate your readers and reading within the library and throughout the school
  • Ways to spice up the shelves and displays within your library
  • How to spread the love of reading throughout the school in interesting and meaningful ways
You can register for Bringing Reading To Life Part One: In Your Library and In Your School here.

Also, mark your calendars for: 

Bringing Reading To Life Part Two: Making and Technology on October 5, 2022 at 4:00pm CST

Bringing Reading To Life Part Three: Digital Resources on November 2, 2022 at 4:00pm CST

I hope you can join us, friends. 

And remember, all of these will be recorded and shared, along with the resources I share, after the webinars too. 

Librarian Help Notes....You Will Find The Design and Post-It Directions Here, Friends


As we get ready for a new school year, I am doing a lot of things to make sure my teachers and students know I am there to help them with anything they need. 
Last week, when my sister, niece and I were out shopping for back-to-school things, we saw all of these little notes at The Container Store.  Heather is a librarian too, so we thought...

Wouldn't it be neat if we had a note that said Librarian Help Note with a bunch of options, a space to write what they need help with, and our contact information at the bottom. 
We knew that in VistaPrint, you can order Custom Post-It Notes, so was just what we were going to do. 
I went to Canva with the size I needed for the Post-It Note and created a template. 
I added six different options for them to mark and a... for them to write exactly what they need help with. 
There is also a space to write their name and the date they need the help by or on. 

And at the very bottom, I added how they reach me, including my cell phone number. I love when teachers use texting, because I know I will get it on my iPhone or watch. 
You can make a copy of the Librarian Help Note design here in Canva

One little tip....Remember to leave a pretty thick border around the outside before you upload into VistaPrint. 
This way none of the Post-It Note will be cut off around the edges. 
If you are looking for more of the Library Help Note designs we created, you can visit The Library Voice Shop here

Have fun getting ready for an amazing new year with your teachers and students too, friends. 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Join Us For A FREE Novel Effect Webinar On August 11....Creative Ways To Help Children Love Reading!


I love finding creative ways to help children love reading. 

This week, on Thursday, August 11, 2022, I can't wait to join my friends at Novel Effect to share lots of ways in the very special new webinar, Happy Happy Joy Joy! Creative Ways To Help Children Love Reading!

One of the greatest gifts we can give to children is a love of reading. It can take them anywhere they want to go. Reading allows children to be transported into the magical world between the pages of great books!

Ooooh, and are we lucky to have an extra-fabulous guest - Shannon McClintock Miller! She is quite possibly the world's most beloved school librarian! Shannon is the face of Future Ready Librarians and has a globally popular blog called The Library Voice. She is a passionate advocate for libraries, educators, books, authors, children, and reading!

Shannon will be sharing creative ways to inspire a love of reading with children. She'll be doing a magical read aloud using the Novel Effect app, and we'll talk about some of her favorite tips and ideas to spark joy, awe, and a true love of reading in your classroom, library, or home!

All participants will receive a professional development certificate, and 3 lucky attendees will be chosen at random to receive a special prize bundle from Novel Effect (a 1-year premium subscription, a Bluetooth speaker, a book bundle to use with your Novel Effect app, and some stickers!)

I hope you can join us, friends. You can register for the free webinar here

It is going to be a lot of fun. 
And to find out all about Novel Effect, you can visit the site here

Thursday, August 4, 2022

A Special Dot Day Choice Board For Everyone!


With International Dot Day right around the corner, I put together the Let's Celebrate Dot Day Choice Board to use in our celebrations. 

Students and teachers can use the choice board by clicking on the images to read, sing, create, play and more as they celebrate this super special day on September 15'ish. 

You will find the Let's Celebrate Dot Day Choice Board here and here if you want to make a copy.

And don't forget to start making connections with others to celebrate here in this post too