Saturday, August 13, 2022

A Little Library Take Out Box For Our Teachers...Just Wait To See Where This Year Takes Us!


To kick off every year with our teachers, I put something together to give them as we plan for another awesome year of collaboration, co-teaching, and innovation, while growing our culture of reading and learning within our school community. It's the perfect way to start the year. 

This year, while waiting for Chinese take out, I thought about using a take out container and filling it with lots of information, surprises and goodies. 

I thought I would also make a cute tag that said, Just wait to see where this year TAKES us!...a little play on the work TAKE. 
I took these ideas and went to Canva to make a large tag to be tied to the metal handle of the box. 
I printed the tags onto white card stock, cut it out into a square, and...
....glued it onto black and white scrapbooking paper. 
I added a whole to the left hand corner and tied a piece of jute through the tag onto the take out box handle. 
I then typed up the contents of the take out boxes.  You can see what each one includes above. 
I am very excited what I created to go inside!  I made these Librarian Help Notes.  You can read how to make your own from my Canva template in this blog post
I am surprising all of the teachers with a Novel Effect account, which I can't wait to give them.  I made this Novel Effect coupon in Canva too.

Also, here is where you can find out more information about Novel Effect for librarians, teachers and schools. 
We use MERGE Edu a lot at our school but I have never given them a MERGE sticker. They will be surprised! 
Oh, and did you see what I made for our new Van Meter School Library Google Classroom?  It's a little KEY they can use to join with their students the first week of school. 

You will find the post about the Google Classroom Key here.

In addition to these things, I will add life savers, gum, and candy, each with a little meaning behind them. 

Over the weekend, I will be sharing one last thing...Our Van Meter School Library Menu of Services! I will roll that up in the box too. 

I glued the contents tag onto the side of the container. 
The boxes are all ready to go for next Friday when I invited the teachers into the library for our back to school celebration. I can't wait for our year. 

I would also love to see what you are doing with your teachers too, friends. 

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