Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A Place To Keep Track Of Books Being Checked Out In The Library....Template To Personalize A Message To Your Readers Too!


Today, I created something fun to show all of the reading happening from our library. 

A few weeks ago, I saw this super fun post from my friend, Blake Hopper, @travelingguybrarian on Instagram. He took a place value chart and used it to show how many books were checked out in his school library on the first day. 

How fun is that! I wanted to get one for our school library and readers too. 
I went to Amazon and found the same place value chart. You can find it here.

I ordered a few extra to give away at upcoming visits to school districts and conferences. 
I measured the bottom and created a message in Canva for the very bottom of the place value chart.  You will find the template here.
The message says Look at how many books we have checked out Van Meter Readers! 
I laminated the skinny little sign and used rubber cement to stick it to the bottom of the place value sign.
I can't wait for Natasha and I to start flipping the numbers as our students start checking out books! 

Thank you for the idea, Blake!  

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