Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Librarian Help Notes....You Will Find The Design and Post-It Directions Here, Friends


As we get ready for a new school year, I am doing a lot of things to make sure my teachers and students know I am there to help them with anything they need. 
Last week, when my sister, niece and I were out shopping for back-to-school things, we saw all of these little notes at The Container Store.  Heather is a librarian too, so we thought...

Wouldn't it be neat if we had a note that said Librarian Help Note with a bunch of options, a space to write what they need help with, and our contact information at the bottom. 
We knew that in VistaPrint, you can order Custom Post-It Notes, so was just what we were going to do. 
I went to Canva with the size I needed for the Post-It Note and created a template. 
I added six different options for them to mark and a... for them to write exactly what they need help with. 
There is also a space to write their name and the date they need the help by or on. 

And at the very bottom, I added how they reach me, including my cell phone number. I love when teachers use texting, because I know I will get it on my iPhone or watch. 
You can make a copy of the Librarian Help Note design here in Canva

One little tip....Remember to leave a pretty thick border around the outside before you upload into VistaPrint. 
This way none of the Post-It Note will be cut off around the edges. 
If you are looking for more of the Library Help Note designs we created, you can visit The Library Voice Shop here

Have fun getting ready for an amazing new year with your teachers and students too, friends. 

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