Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A Special You've Been Book'd To Learn More About President Biden and Vice President Harris

I am getting a very special new You've Been Book'd ready to share with our teachers and students tomorrow. I have been gathering picture books about President Biden and Vice President Harris for this list and can't wait to share them with our readers. 
There are five picture books included on this You've Been Book'd List.  They include...
As the classrooms read the books, they will check them off on the You've Been Book'd poster above. 

You can read more about the details of our You've Been Book'd program here

The 2021 Youth Media Award Winners Collection Of Announcements, Resources, Author & Illustrator Sites, and More!

On January 22, people from around the country gathered around our laptops and devices, with our coffee and breakfast, to hear our favorite books of the year win special awards during the ALA Youth Media Awards at the ALA Midwinter Conference. 
For me, I watched along from West Des Moines, Iowa. 
If you missed the ceremony, you will find the Youth Media Awards 2021 recording here.  

Afterwards, I hopped on Titlewave to order a whole list of the award books I wrote down during the announcements and went to my library at home to pull out all of the winners from my collection.  

I also went online and visited several author and illustrator sites to read and hear more about the books that won all of the special awards. 
As I found lots of amazing resources, I started the 2021 Youth Media Award Winners Collection by Destiny. 
I added the official ALA announcements, the recording, articles, author and illustrator sites and more. 

You will find this Collection by Destiny here.  I am working on adding more sites and resources today.  Please let me know if there are others to share here too. I would love to add them. 

A big congratulations to all authors, illustrators and publishers who were recognized and honored on this wonderful day.  You inspire us and especially our readers every day and we can't see what is next. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

Two Valentine's Day BreakoutEDU's For All Students Added To Our February Choice Boards

I have an exciting addition to the February Choice Boards to share with you.  My friends at BreakoutEDU, shared two games that I added under the Technology Fun column. 

Now in addition to being able to create a Buncee Valentine; create, build, color, animate and more in ToyTheatre; make a Valentine picture on the digital Lite-Brite; and find out Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego, all learners will be able to play these BreakoutEDU games at school or at home. 

The Valentine Day and animal themed games are two different levels.  One for K-3 and one for 3-8. I marked that on the choice board with the little red triangles too. 
When they click on the images, it will take them to Petey Puppington's Party Plan here and...

Our kids love BreakoutEDU and all of the different holiday ones make celebrating even more fun. 

You will find the two versions of the February Choice Boards here in this post. 

Do You Have A Favorite Digital Learning Resource? Here's A NEW Place To Share and Gather Ideas and Resources For All!

As we get ready for Digital Learning Day on February 25, 2021, there is an amazing new place for us to share our digital learning ideas! 

On the DLDay site, you will find this special place to Share Your Resources.  This can be digital learning lessons, activities, events and resources. 

To share, just click here and it will take you to....

...this page to Share Your Digital Learning Ideas.  
Also, on the DLDay site, you will find a place to View Shared ResourcesThis is where you can check out all the incredible digital learning lessons, activities, resources and events happening in classrooms across the country.  

To view the shared resources, just click here and it will take you...
...to the Digital Learning Resources page where you can search by state, grade level, 
...and type of resource. 

I have been adding digital learning resources to the site and it is really easy to do.  

I just clicked on Share Your Resources and then filled out the short survey of questions for the information.  For example, I shared Buncee.  I picked my state, grade level, category and type.  

Now I can see Buncee under the digital resources and can even click on the image to take me..
...to the Buncee site. 

When I scroll down on the page, I can view others that have been submitted too. 

This is going to grow to be such an amazing and helpful resource for all of us as librarians, teachers, administrators and others.  I can't wait to add more myself and see what others are adding too. 

Please add all of the terrific ideas and resources you have, friends.  I can't wait to see what you have to share. 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Creating Choice Board Posters To Make It Easy For Students & Teachers To Access At School and Virtually!

Here is a little library hack and something super helpful for all learners.

There several choice boards that our students are accessing and using each month at school face-to-face and those learning virtually at home. 
There is the monthly choice board (you find the February Choice Board here) and...
...choice boards for special events and...

...holidays like Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day. 
I also put together the You've Been Virtually Book'd choice board to share with our students each month.  You can read all about this program here

To make it easy for our kids to access using iPads and other devices, I made a QR code for each using QR Code Monkey, which puts the image into the center of the code. 
I then put them together on a Google Slide.  We downloaded the slide, printed them off and passed them out to the teachers to use within their classrooms and to send home with virtual learners.  

We also shared the link with teachers, students and families too. It's super easy to share this poster in Google Classroom or Seesaw.  When the students click on the image of the choice board or QR code, it will take them to the different choice boards. 

Every month, I will create a new one to continue to make it easy for everyone all throughout the year. 

I hope you find this little library hack helpful too. 

It's Time For Our February Choice Board! You Will Find TWO Versions This Month & the Links For Both Here, Friends.


February is a week away and we are getting ready for a new month filled with learning, exploring, creating, collaboration and fun. 

There are a lot of things happening in February so Our February Choice Board is filled with lots of places to connect our learners to these events and information.  

This month, I made two versions of the February Choice Board to share.  
Version #1 includes the Let's Learn About Presidents' Day Choice Boards created with PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. 

You can share this link with your students for Version #1 and if you want to make changes you will find it here to edit too
If you don't have PebbleGo and don't want to make any changes, you can use Version #2 which includes links to the Groundhog Day Choice Board and National Geographic Kids to learn more about the Presidents.  

You can share this link with your students for Version #2 and if you want to make changes you will find it here to edit

Let me walk you through this months choice boards. 
In the first column, I included choice boards for Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day.  
You will find the Happy Valentine's Day Choice Board here. This is where you can make changes if you'd like. 
I included two choice boards for Presidents' Day on Version #1.  The first is for grades TK-3rd here and...
On Version #2, I included the Groundhog Day Choice Board.  You will find everything you need for this one here
I also included a place for the Let's Take A Trip Around The World Buncee Choice Board, 
which you can find here too
And just as a reminder, remember to share it with your students by Publishing it to the web and sharing that link.  It will just show the slide when you share it that way. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help.  I am always happy to share and help you in any way. 

Have fun getting ready for February for your learners at school and for those learning virtually too. 

Sharing Our February BreakoutEDU Choice Board Template

Earlier this month, I shared how I am bringing together 9 different BreakoutEDU games each month for our students to play anytime, at school or at home.  You can read how I created the BreakoutEDU choice board here

Today, I created the February Choice Board for BreakoutEDU so I could add it to Our February Choice Board.  I picked a variety of Valentine's Day games and one for Presidents' Day. 
If you'd like to make a copy and use this to insert your own links to the BreakoutEDU games, you will find it here

A lot of our kids told me how much they have loved the January BreakoutEDU Choice Board. I can't wait to share this one for February with them next week too. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Join The Flipgrid Virtual Field Trip, How Ordinary People Change the World with New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer

We are excited for another special week of virtual library events! 

Every week, I put together a schedule of events including read aloud's, Chapter Book Friday, special virtual visits with authors, illustrators and lots of experts, and we always include the amazing Flipgrid Virtual Field Trips.  
You can read all about the Flipgrid Virtual Field Trips here in this post and by following the...
...Flipgrid Virtual Field Trip Twitter here
This week the Flipgrid Virtual Field Trip is How Ordinary People Change the World with New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer, 
author of the Ordinary People Change the World series.  You can learn more it here

Join New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer for his talk centered around his Ordinary People Change the World series that highlights heroes from all walks of life who provide inspiration and help kids build kindness, character, and compassion, one hero at a time. This engaging biography series focuses on the traits that made our heroes great--the traits that kids can aspire to in order to live heroically themselves.

January 27 is Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the newest addition to the Ordinary People Change the World series is I AM ANNE FRANK. Kids can learn how Anne Frank’s courage and hope during a time of terror are still an inspiration for people today and how her diary has brought the horrors of war and bigotry to life for young readers around the world.

Brad Meltzer (www.bradmeltzer.com) is the New York Times bestselling author of Heroes for My Son, Heroes for My Daughter, The Lincoln Conspiracy, and a number of suspense novels like The Escape Artist. He and illustrator Chistopher Eliopoulos are the creators of the PBS KIDS TV show Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum which is based on their Ordinary People Change the World series. Brad lives in Florida with his wife and their three children. (And did you know that a picture of Brad is hidden in every Ordinary People Change the World book?)

You can register for this event here.  This link can be shared with our virtual learning families too. 

In this post from August 2020, I wrote about how we would be using this weekly calendar, and others throughout the year, to keep us organized for our face-to-face and virtual learners.  If you'd like to use the template for Our Library and Virtual Events, you will find it in the post.