Saturday, January 16, 2021

Honored To Be The Unruliest Library Media Specialist 2021 From Unruly Studios!

This week, I was excited to watch the 2021 Unruliest Educator Awards on Unruly Studios Twitter. 
In December, I was honored to receive an email sharing that I was one of the library media specialists nominated for this special award, 
along with four other amazing teacher librarians.  After this post, anyone could vote for the nominees to become the Unruliest Educators in the different categories.  

You can read this post on the Unruly Splats blog with all of the categories and nominees.  
As I watched on January 13, 
I was so surprised and happy when they announced the Unruliest Library Media Specialist on Twitter.

You can read about all of the winners here in the Unruly Studios post.

I couldn't wait to tell our 5th graders who helped me bring Unruly Splats to our school.  I will be sharing a blog about our kick off and work with the Unruly Splats soon. 

Thank you to my friends at Unruly Splats for creating such an amazing platform for our students to collaborate, code, move and have fun together.  And thank you for recognizing unruly librarians and educators around the world.  I am honored to be part of this awesome unruliness. 

You can learn more about Unruly Splats here too. 

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