Sunday, January 17, 2021

A New Place For Virtual Field Trips.... Let's Take A Trip Around The World Buncee Choice Board!

Our kids love visiting places virtually.  They love seeing, hearing, learning and dreaming about places in other parts of world. 
As my Buncee friends and I kicked off the My Ticket Around the World Buncee Project, we thought it would be awesome to create a place where they could take virtual field trips for their research and learning too. 

You can read about and find the links for this project here
In the new Buncee, Let's Take A Trip Around The World, I created, I added tickets and images they can click to take lots of virtual field trips. 

Our kids can visit museums, zoo, other countries, national parks, places and monuments, 
like the White House and...
...the Eiffel Tower, 
and even Mars! 
Two more favorite places are Google Earth, where they can travel absolutely anywhere they want to go to learn more about, and...
...Google Arts & Culture, where they can explore over 10,000 famous sites. 
To find these places (and more) I looked in the Collection by Destiny of Virtual Field Trips for Anywhere Learning I put together last summer for our families to explore.  You will find this Collection here....anyone can access this and all of the links included. 
I added this new blog post, 20 Best Virtual Field Trip Ideas in 2021, that the Teambuilding group shared with me last week too. 
In the bottom corner, I also added Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego.  On this site, you are solving The Crown Jewels Caper... traveling around the world for clues using Google Earth.  It's super cool and the kids love playing this interactive game with Carmen San Diego.  You will find it here
You will find the new Let's Take A Trip Around The World Buncee here
Here is a QR code for students to scan with their devices. You will find it here to download to make a copy or share. 

Have fun sharing this with your students, at school or virtually, and see where it will take them! 

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