Monday, January 18, 2021

2 Fun Tech Activities To Learn About The White House For Inauguration Day!

As we get ready for Inauguration Day, I am sharing a few fun technology activities with our students and teachers to learn more about The White House. 
The first is the 1600 AR app. With this free app, 
students and teachers can learn about what happens at The White House. 
When the app is opened, you aim the camera at a dollar bill...
...and wait for the magic to happen. 
All the sudden up pops the animated White House which plays through different..., 
seasons and...

...other cool things that might happen throughout the year.  It's just so fun to see the augmented reality that happens by scanning a dollar bill. 
It's also a great one to send home for families to do together.  You can find the 1600 AR app here.

The second technology activity is to take a little virtual reality trip inside of The White House. 

We can visit The White House in this 360 Virtual Tour found here.  Our kids and teachers will love taking a closer look inside.  
I added this to the Inauguration Choice Board at the bottom.  You will find out more about this choice board here in this post.  You can make a copy and use it as your own too.

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