Sunday, January 17, 2021

Join The 2021 Writing Bee With Your Students Featuring Jeff Kinney, Jerry Craft & Others Classrooms The World!

I have a very special event to share with all of you.  It's The 2021 Writing Bee, a free event for teachers and students in grades 3-8, brought to us by our friends at Boomwriter.

In the The Writing Bee, students are inspired to write using the story prompt (what they call a 'story start') provided by The Writing Bee Guest Author. 

And guess what?  This year's event will feature Diary of a Wimpy Kid series author Jeff Kinney in the Qualifying Rounds and Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King Award winner for his book New Kid, Jerry Craft for The Writing Bee Finals. 

Here is how The Writing Bee works...

After viewing the Guest Author's video welcome and reading the story start, each student works independently to write their own version of Chapter 2 before submitting to their teacher. The teacher then has the option to make revision requests and provide personalized feedback to each student on their writing before approving the submission.

Students then read the anonymous submissions of their peers in small batches and cast votes for their favorites. The winning chapter becomes the middle part of the story, and the process repeats to write the story's final chapter.
Class/school-based qualifying sessions can be conducted any time between January through April. 

Qualifying sessions can consist of groups of any size within a school and can be individual classes, grade-level cohorts, after school programs, etc.

Chapter winners from each class story qualify for The Writing Bee Finals taking place in May 2021. All participating Qualifying session students, regardless of if they are chapter winners, will be invited to participate in the peer review and voting portion of The Writing Bee Finals.  

Each unique class story can be published as a softcover book and personalized for each participating student including his/her final chapter submission as the story's alternate ending.

The Writing Bee can be an immersive or supplemental activity that's ideal for narrative writing practice and analysis of fictional elements. Teachers can also integrate current class writing skill focus areas and vocabulary into modifiable Bee student writing instructions. 

And since all writing takes place online, The Writing Bee is ideal for students working within the classroom or remotely. 

All participating teachers receive access to free Writing Bee resources including a lesson guide, student and parent Bee introduction materials, graphic organizers, vocabulary activities, games, and more!
We can't wait to have our students and teachers join The Writing Bee.  You can sign up here to join in the fun with Jeff, Jerry and students around the world too. 

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