Thursday, August 11, 2022

Kick Off The School Year With StickTogether Curriculum Connections....Library, Art, ELA, SEL and More!


Over the next several weeks, our friends at StickTogether are sharing amazing NEW StickTogether Curriculum Connections for over 10 subjects. 

These will be helpful for all us as librarians, educators, administrators, and others, as we plan meaningful, engaging and fun ways to bring StickTogether to our libraries and classrooms this year. 

To start, they have shared...
...Library and Art Curriculum Connections found here and...
....ELA and SEL Curriculum Connections found here
I also LOVE how there is a Tech Tie In's at the bottom of each too.  

These Curriculum Connections are such a wonderful way to kick off the year with StickTogether as they will deepen the connections our students make within these special collaborative experiences.
You can receive all of the StickTogether Curriculum Connections and so much more in their newsletter. You will find a link to subscribe on this page. 

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