Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Have You Heard The News? Follett Book Fairs Are Here!

This week our friends at Follett shared some very exciting news!  
They kicked off Follett Book Fairs and WOW, are these going to make an incredible impact on our libraries, schools, communities, families and best of all....our kids, the most important readers of all.  

I am so excited for this amazing news and just love seeing what is already happening in libraries hosting the Follett Book Fairs. 
As I read through the press release on Publisher's Weekly and School Library Journal, Tony Hopkins, senior vice president of new business development for Follett shared that "Follett Book Fairs will allow schools to take part in the book selection process which will let them customize the fairs for the particular needs of their schools."
Also, when I visited the Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group, I loved seeing this post from teacher librarian Shelly Packer Pickren, who kicked off the first Follett Book Fair yesterday in her school, Medinah Primary School District 11, located in the Chicago area. 
Follett Book Fairs are literacy-focused school events with the very best grade-level appropriate titles from the top publishers in the world, which makes them a special place for all students, families and teachers to visit.

And the Follett Book Fair in Shelly's library looks amazing with a wonderful selection of books, 
 super cool and inviting signage,
unique displays,
 a nice selection of Spanish books,
and more!  I can't wait to see what she posts as students and families start visiting and selecting books to take home.
 You can will find the new Follett Book Fair site here.
And just look at all of the advantages including the Best Content, Simple and Easy, and Rewards which will be an awesome way to generate funds to invest in  new materials to grow your school-wide reading culture through flexible reward options using Follett's vast selection to choose the very best books for your libraries and classrooms.  
Follett Book Fairs will definitely bring just what you are looking for in a book fair. 

Most of all, Follett Book Fairs will bring amazing books to the children we serve in our libraries and communities everyday.  

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