Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10 Creative Ways To Use PebbleGo!

I am excited to for my new blog on Capstone Community, which kicked off just a few days ago.

This is going to be a wonderful place to share ideas, projects, resources, stories, connections and so much more.

My first post is up and I can't wait to share it with you!  It is called 10 Creative Ways To Use PebbleGo With Your Library and School Community...Part 1.  

Here is the first part of my post from Capstone Community....

Well, guess what? 
I have just the resource for you and it will be one that truly makes a difference as it becomes that go-to resource everyone is looking for in your library, school community and for your teachers, families and especially your students.  
It is PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next!  
I saw the difference that PebbleGo brings first hand when I was a K-12 teacher librarian.  They were the two digital databases that I would visit everyday as I planned, collaborated and taught within the library and classrooms.  And it was that one resource that hooked every single one of our students, teachers and families too!  
However, this didn’t happen by itself.  I had to think creatively and work hard at making PebbleGo that go-to tool for everyone and for all of our learning, research and creative needs.  
And along the way, it became that place our students just loved to go to feed their curiosity and passion for so many amazing topics from animals, science, social studies, dinosaurs, states and much more! 

As you get ready to make PebbleGo your go-to resource too, let me share 10 creative and meaningful ways to bring these wonderful resources to your library and school this year too. 
Now you can visit Capstone Community to read the rest of my first post, which is Part 1. 

If it is your first visit to Capstone Community, sign up for your free account and you can get start today too. 

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