Monday, October 16, 2017

Students Can Show Their Passion For Being A Change Through Global Goals With Buncee!

As we kick off a new week, Buncee has something very special to share!
This week we can celebrate the theme of the #BunceeBuddies pen pal project, the UN's Global Goals, with new set of beautiful stickers and backgrounds. 
As you can see from the Buncee that Meagan created above, students can use the backgrounds, stickers, animals and words to create and share the UN Global Goals they feel most passionate about.
You will find these backgrounds...
 and stickers under the Recently Added...
 and Transportation categories.
Together, these new Buncee assets will help our students share the Global Goal they are most passionate about in such a creative and meaningful way. 
For more information about Buncee Buddies and these themed assets, please check out this new post on the Buncee Blog here.

You can use #GlobalGoals and #BunceeBuddies to share and find even more on Twitter too.

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