Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fire Safety Week and Month....Books, A Collection, Resources and More!

October is Fire Safety Month, the perfect time to teach, review and strengthen the fire safety skills and knowledge of your students.  In fact, this week is Fire Prevention Week.

In the Fire Safety Month Collection by Destiny found here, I have brought together resources to use with your students in the library, classroom and at home.
The new Fire Safety Series from Cantata Learning use songs and stories to teach younger students fire safety skills.  They are a terrific way for them to remember and share these skills too.
You will find all four songs here.
Last year, Cantata Learning posted an article I wrote for their blog.  You will find Let's Make Fire Safety Fun This October here.

It focuses fun and engaging ways to use the Fire Safety Series.  
They are also part of the Fire Safety Titlewave List, which includes lots of other incredible books and eResources.
If you are looking for a project to do with students, check out Buncee!  They can create fire safety posters on their the Buncee above.  These can be printed off and shared.

How do you teach your students these important life skills?  

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