Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sock Puppet Lesson Plans....Bring Creating, Writing, Acting and More To Your Makerspace With Dabble Lab!

One of my new favorite things from our friends at Capstone are the Dabble Lab books!  
Dabble Lab definitely inspires the maker in every kid with a variety of amazing topics from computer programming, engineering, robotics, art and more.  
I recently got a few of the new titles from the Sock Puppet Dabble Lab series at the SLJ Summit.  
I couldn't wait for these, especially after writing about this series in the post Makerspaces and Sock Puppets that you can read here
They are even more awesome in person!  I just love how Capstone has created such a fun and meaningful creative experience for kids throughout these books while tying each to a classic such as The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood
The focus is not just on the creation of the sock puppets and story, but also on the process of a theatrical production.  The readers learn about creating sets, 
creating voices, developing personalities, 
practicing the play and other important topics that come along with the theatre.  
In each book, there is also a script that is wonderfully laid out and ready to go.  

However, the other day when I was on the Capstone site I came across some amazing resources that would put a little twist on this part of the books.  
There are several Dabble Lab Lesson Plans including one for the Sock Puppet Theatre Series!  
 You can find these by going to the Tools tab on Capstone.
When you click on Tools, a dropdown menu will pop up.   You will find Dabble Lab Resources way to the right of this menu.
 Click on that and it will bring you to the Dabble Lab Lesson Plans.  
 For this one, I clicked on Sock Puppet Theatre.  
This lesson plan is fantastic!  You will have everything you need for using the Sock Puppet Theatre series with your students in the library and classroom.  
I especially love how their is a Script Template which encourages students to write their very own Sock Puppet play.

How fun would that be for your students!  Not only can they rewrite these classic stories, they can also make up their own productions and even create original sock puppets too.

The sky is the limit! 
You can find the Sock Puppet Theatre Dabble Lab series on the Capstone site here.  These are available in print and as an eBook in Capstone Interactive.  

Have an awesome creating, preforming and learning with your sock puppets. 

And think of other ways you can tie literacy in your Makerspaces.  I know that after spending time with these books and resources, I can't stop thinking of the possibilities and fun! 

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