Tuesday, October 10, 2017

An Interactive Way To Connect Teachers and Students To Magazines and eBooks!

Last week I spent a day with the teacher librarians at Madison County School District in Mississippi.  

I just loved my day with these librarians learning about Future Ready Librarians and so much more! 
One of the digital tools that I shared and taught them about was Buncee.  

Buncee is an amazing digital storytelling tool to use with students and it is also perfect to use for branding, building partnerships and collaboration, signage and library promotion, and so much more.

The next day I was so excited when one of the librarians, Jessica Parisi, wrote to share what she created using Buncee.   
Jessica created this Buncee for her social studies teachers.  She created the Buncee and sent it with this message....

I created a list of magazines that we have in the library that you may find useful for you and your students. When you download/open the images you will see the magazines. In the top, right corner you will find a link to their websites as well. Also, you can check out the hard copy from the library.

What an awesome way to get the word out to social studies teachers and students.  It was also a wonderful way to open up collaboration between the teachers and herself, build partnerships and find ways to get into the classroom to help even more.  

I also love how she encouraged them to come to the library to look at the hard copies of the magazines through the Buncee and message too. 

This is terrific Jessica....Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us to do something like this for our libraries and classrooms too!  

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