Monday, October 23, 2017

Augmented Reality Brings Halloween To Life For Your Students!

This morning Hagan and I kicked off the week with a little Halloween fun!  

I loved using augmented reality activities and knew there were a couple for Halloween on the QuiverVision site.  
QuiverVision is a 3D augmented reality coloring sheet website and app.

You will find it here.
First, I went to the Quiver Vision Holiday Coloring Pack and found....
PumpkinsI printed them off on white paper.
On the Happy Halloween coloring sheet, Hagan designed his own Jack-o-Lantern and colored the face in with dark markers.
He colored the other one with crayons.
Then Hagan downloaded the free Quiver-3D Coloring App from the Apple Store onto his iPhone.

You will find the different apps here.
When he scanned the two Halloween coloring sheets with the app, look what happened.  
They came to life!  
You can take pictures and video tape right inside of the Quiver app.  It is super fun and easy to use.
There are Coloring Packs for lots and lots of topics and subject in QuiverVision.

You can check them all out here.
 I also added these two coloring sheets to the Halloween for Librarians and Teachers Collection by DestinyThis Collection is filled with all kinds of amazing Halloween resources for you to use with your students and in your school community. 
Also, here is one your students will LOVE as it is filled with Halloween songs, sites, games, stories, craft ideas, projects and so much more.  

Have a wonderful time celebrating fall and Halloween this week with your students.  I can't wait to hear what they thought of the augmented reality in your library and classroom too.  

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