Monday, October 23, 2017

Play The Future Ready Librarian Buncee Doodle!

As we embrace the Future Ready Librarian framework and put the gears into motion, the conversations and work that we do around each gear is essential to the change we will make in libraries, school communities, education and beyond. 

This year I have the honor of being part of several Future Ready Institutes, along with numerous district and state workshops around the country where I have worked with hundreds of librarians who are embracing the Future Ready Librarian framework too.

They are putting this work into motion within schools and libraries, impacting students, teachers and communities around the country every day.

As I get ready to travel to New Orleans this week for another Future Ready Institute, I have put together an activity that will provoke wonderful ideas, conversations, brainstorming and a whole lots of fun around the 10 different Future Ready Librarian gears.

It is called Name That Future Ready Librarian Gear Buncee Doodle!  
Now you might be asking....What is Buncee Doodle?   
In this post from the Buncee Blog, you will read that Buncee Doodle originated from the minds of Buncee Ambassador and educator Amber McCormick and Buncee's very own Claire Cucchi right before the annual ISTE Conference.  
You can also read Amber's steps in playing Buncee Doodle at the end of our Buncee. 
In the Future Ready Librarian Buncee Doodle, participants will be drawing and guessing the different roles we have as Future Ready Librarians.  

Someone will pick a card, doodle in Buncee using all of the different stickers, backgrounds, animations, text, videos and other awesome assets, and others will guess which Future Ready Librarian gear they are focusing on.   
I have created everything we need in the Buncee above.  You can find it here
To play this Buncee Doodle, just print off this Buncee and cut apart the cards.  
If you want them two sided, I included the other side on Slide 11 and a blank one.  

You can also create your own Buncee Doodle cards using this Buncee Background and adding elements like I did.  You can even add images or videos for prompts.  
Think about ways you can use the Future Ready Librarian Buncee Doodle too.  

Here are a few....
  • You can introduce the Future Ready Librarian Framework to other librarians in your district, a conference or other professional event. 

  • You can play this with your staff and administrators so they understand the different roles Future Ready Librarians play. 

  • You can have this going at a Back-to-School or Open House event so families can see what Future Ready Librarians do too!  

  •  You can even use the Buncee Doodle template to create one for something totally different for your students, 

just like I did with this PebbleGo Buncee Doodle that you can read all about here

Be create and have fun.  The sky is the limit and I can't wait to see the Buncee Doodle's you create too. 

And I will let you know about the fun we have playing this later in the week with lots of amazing Future Ready Librarians in New Orleans.  

Make sure you follow along on Twitter at #FutureReadyLibs to see even more!  

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