Sunday, October 1, 2017

Library, Learning and Literacy Celebrations Calendar New Additions!

One of the BEST things about the Library, Learning and Literacy Celebrations Google Sheets Calendar that we started last year is the fact that it is crowdsourced with all of us around the world. 
Today on Facebook, my friend Stacy Behmer asked about adding monthly Twitter Chats to the calendar. 
 Of course, Stacy. Why haven't we done that yet! 
So....I added a column for Twitter Chats for the Month.  
After working on a few new Collections by Destiny for Halloween today, I also thought....

We need a row for other special calendars and Collection for each month too!  I created one (it is the light blue row) and added...
 The Let's Celebrate Halloween Collection for our students,
 Halloween For Librarians and Teachers Collection
Children's Activity Calendar from DEMCO, created my teacher librarian Matthew Winner and...
the Scholastic October 2017 Interactive Calendar to start.

I found one for EPIC Books earlier this week but now can't locate it.  So if you have that link anyone, please send it my way.  :)

You can get to the Library, Learning and Literacy Celebrations Throughout The Year Google Calendar here.

Thank for friends for the collaboration that happens here and within our tribe everyday.  

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