Friday, October 13, 2017

A Little Help & Fun For The Follett Challenge With This Collection and Shannon's Favorite Finds

As we get ready to kick off the Follett Challenge on October 23, 2017, I have been bringing together amazing resources and tools in this special new Collection to help out you and your school community.  
And today I can't think of a better thing to share for Shannon's Favorite Finds on #FavoriteFindsFriday!  
The Follett Challenge is an amazing opportunity as it is your schools chance to win a share of $200,000 in Follett products and services.  You can read more on the official Follett Challenge website here.

As a Follett Challenge judge, I want you to have all of the information and resources that you will need in one spot to give you the best start and support throughout the project.  

You can find this on the Follett Challenge website too under Contest Information.  
The Collection is filled with video, image, and sound tools and resources to make your video for the Follett Challenge shine!
You will also find digital tools to spice up your video submission through animations, graphics, special effects,
and so much more.  
I also included the AASL Best Apps and Websites Collections which are full of awesome ideas and resources as well. 
For a little inspiration, watch the students at Chase Country Elementary Schools who are the 2017 Grand-Prize winners through their project-based learning assignment, the Cattle Project, in this video.  They are amazing! 

They will inspire you to participate in the Follett Challenge this year too!  

Join us as we kick off the Follett Challenge on October 23!  

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