Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ignite Early Literacy & Science Skills With This New Series From Cantata Learning!

Children love singing, moving and dancing to music.

We can use music to help children learn, comprehend and retain important information while keeping them excited and engaged. And most of all, music can ignite early literacy skills in such a special way.

Our friends at Cantata Learning do a wonderful job at creating stories and songs that do just that!
One of my favorite new Cantata Learning series this fall is Water All Around Us, which focus on bringing the important science topic of water to our youngest learners in a creative and meaningful way.
This week they sent information on Water All Around Us, which includes four titles....
Hope on the Water Cycle, 
Bodies of Water, 
Types of Precipitation and...
What Kind of Clouds by Nadia Higgins, illustrations by Sara Infante and music by Erik Koskinen.  

The amazing, beautifully colored illustrations bring these important water topics to life as they learn through songs, informative diagrams and the informative text in each book.  
I know that when learning about topics such as cloud, children will comprehend and retain while singing...
A cumulus cloud! 

White and puffy, it drifts through a sky so perfectly blue, shifting fast from shape and share...a cat, a dragon, now an ape!  
You can listen and sing along to What Kind of Clouds here too!
As you use these stories and songs with your students, you will find the entire series of YouTube videos helpful for using in the library, school and sharing at home too.

You will find the Water All Around Us series on Cantata Learning's YouTube Channel here.
Also, we have created a very special lesson plan for Water All Around Us that you will find here.
Like all of the Cantata Learning lesson plans, this one ties to science, technology, language arts, music with...
art and technology extensions!

You can bring the Water All Around Us series to your library and school community too.

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