Monday, December 21, 2020

BreakoutEDU 2020 To Celebrate The End Of Year Together While Being Apart!


Our friends at BreakoutEDU have created a very special way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the end of the year while being apart. 

It's called Breakout 2020!  
As shared on the site, 

GAME STORY: It is almost time to flip the switch on 2020 and usher in a brand new year! 2021 is within reach! We are so close. Before Father Time and Mother Nature will lead us into 2021, they want to make sure we enter with smiles, happy thoughts, and positive energy. We need to focus on the good that was within 2020, and not the parts that were wacky. Evidence of 2020 Good is enclosed. Once you analyze what you see and puzzle it out, you will be able to put an end to 2020 and enter into a Brand New Year!

And the best part....Everyone can play!

You will find the form to access the game here.

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