Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Winter Break Bingo – Digital and Paper Cards To Share!

December is here and we are just a few weeks away from winter break. Each year, I love dreaming up new ideas and resources to share with our students to use over the holiday.

I have created bookmarks, a Buncee newsletter and even an Animoto video filled with creative and engaging ways to keep our students reading, learning, creating and having fun during our time away from school. I want it to be something easy and fun, and something they can do independently or with a family member.  

This year, it is especially important to me to bring special places and resources together for our students, as we will be home and often looking for things to do with and without technology.  As I was brainstorming and sketching up ideas this week, I thought to myself, “Why not turn this into two Winter Break Bingo Cards?” One could be a paper card and one could be digital to make sure all students can be included in this special winter activity. 
You will find the two Winter Break Bingo Cards, one paper and one digital, here to share and make copies to hand out to your students too. 

Enjoy your December and making plans for winter break too, friends. 

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