Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Create Your Own Opera Inspired Song with Blob Opera...The Newest Google Arts and Culture Experiment!


We all need a little something fun and creative this time of year. Well, I have one for you today. 

It's called Blob Opera.  It's a Google Arts and Culture of my favorite places to go with our students and teachers. 

Here is how it works...
Within Blob Opera, you can play four voices with the help of machine learning. 
To play the four different blobs, you just drag them up and down to sing different pitches and create your own opera music. 
When the blobs are singing the opera you create, 

hit record to share what you make. 
You can share it in a variety of ways including through Google Classroom or a link. 
Click on the little Christmas Tree in the corner to hear...
...some festive songs. 
You can even share these festive songs. 

It's always interesting to read the story behind the Google Arts and Culture Experiments.  You can read all about Blob Opera and how David Li created it. 
Check out all of the Google Arts and Culture Experiments here, friends.  There is something for everyone and they add more throughout the year. 

Have fun creating with Blob Opera and don't forget to share this with your students, teachers and families for a little fun too. 

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