Monday, December 7, 2020

Hour of Code is Here! Use This Video, Resources From Others and The Coding Choice Boards To Celebrate This Week!

Hour of Code is here and it is time to celebrating coding and so much more! 

Kick it off today by watching and sharing the 2020 Hour of Code video from our friends at here.

You will also find everything you need to get started with Hour of Code and for a week filled with coding on their amazing site,
In addition to the resources they have created and brought together for our students to learn, companies, publishers and organizations are offering wonderful opportunities for our kids this week too. 

Let me show you three of my favorite! 
Buncee has created 19 different templates that will be amazing for all kids to use for Hour of Code.  
You will find them on the Hour of Code Buncee Board here.  

Once a student or teacher finds a template on the Buncee Board they would like to use, they just make a copy to use it in their very own Buncee for Hour of Code. 

We also use a lot of picture books, graphic novels, chapter books and nonfiction books during Hour of Code.  I put together this post to share these books and more. 
I love using all of the books that our friends at Capstone have created as they are perfect in explaining and discussing coding with our kids at Van Meter.  

I love going to Capstone in Flipgrid's Discovery Library and finding topics that I can tie to the books we are sharing and that our kids are reading. 
A new one Capstone just added is this one that asks students to pretend they are a computer scientist and share what they would create.  How fun would that be to hear all of those answers!?!? 

You can find this Discovery Topic here to make a copy and use it with your kids too.  And all of Capstone's Discovery Library in Flipgrid is here.
Tynker has partnered with NASA Education to bring us CodeLab with special coding activities and daily online events that you can find here.  

We can't wait to join these daily events and learn how to code with Tynker and NASA in the tools they have created.  
In addition to these resources, I have put together three coding choice boards for our students to use during Hour of Code and throughout the year.  You can use these with your students too. 

Our Coding Choice Board for Grades TK-3 is found here.
Our Coding Choice Board for Grades 3-6 found here.
Our Coding Choice Board for Grades 6-12 found here

I have added the Hour of Code video that I shared above, to the top left hand corner of each choice board.  That will make it easy for you to share this week and for your students to find and listen to as well. 
I have also pulled them together in two choice boards to include the Elementary Coding Choice Boards here and...
Our Coding Choice Boards TK-12 here.

I hope everyone has a blast celebrating Hour of Code with your students, teachers and community this week.  If this is your first time sharing coding with your students, Hour of Code is the perfect way to get everyone started.  That what we did several years ago at Van Meter and it is something we continue throughout each year. 

And if coding is already a part of what you do within your library and school, it is the best way to add more resources and spark the interest of your young people even more. 

Have fun, friends. And thank you for creating this special week for all of us. 

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