Friday, December 4, 2020

Join The Microsoft Edu LIVE Event With Author & Developer, Josh Funk, On December 16th, Friends!

One of our favorite authors to connect with is our friend, Josh Funk.  He is one of the best.  We always have such great fun. 
And love his books too! 

When I heard that Josh will be joining a special event on December 16 at 12:00pm CST with our friends at Microsoft Edu and Flipgrid, I was so excited! 

Code a story with author and developer, Josh Funk

How do you get from an idea in your head to the library shelf? Children's author and coder Josh Funk will discuss the entire publication process - and how it's a lot like the engineering process! Both writing books and coding programs requires lots of trial and error, collaborating with friends, peers, and teammates, revising and testing, and eventually sharing your work with the world. Josh will discuss all of this and take Q&A from YOU!

We can all register for this event at this link here.  It's going to be a blast, friends.  You can share this link with your learners and families at home too. 

As you get ready for this special event with Josh, take time to check out his books, website and awesome resources.
Here is Josh's website. It is amazing! 

On his site, there is a page with Stuff For Kids including...
...Character Cards, 
Book Trailers, 
Play Book Songs, 
Activity Kits and Coloring Pages, 
Activity Kits filled with... much fun for our...
...learners, readers...
...classroom teachers and librarians.
We especially love the Lost in the Library Activity Kit since this is the one Josh read to us during his Skype visit.
One last thing....You must check out Josh's Resources for Writers where he has developed 12 lessons for writing picture books.  These are all so awesome and will be super helpful and meaningful to our young writers. 

Thank you Josh for visiting our libraries and inspiring our students and teachers.  YOU are amazing, my friend!  We can't wait to join you on December 16th from Van Meter, Iowa with our friends from Flipgrid and Microsoft Edu. 

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