Sunday, December 13, 2020

12 Days of Making For ALL Students, Teachers and Families!

I have a special project to share, friends.  It's called the 12 Days of Making With Capstone!  It's a little gift for everyone to share over the next 12 days with your students, teachers and families.

From December 14 to the 25,  I will be sharing a different theme around making each day with two Capstone eBooks all students, teachers and families can view and use while creating, learning and collaborating through making.  

As you can see on the 12 Days of Making With Capstone choice board, there are themes such as coding, cardboard, low-tech, building, creating, baking and more. 
Within the Capstone Interactive account we have set up for this project, there are 24 eBooks. 
I can't wait to reveal two new titles each day. 
Our readers will love them! 
Tomorrow, on December 14, we will kick it off with...The 1st Day of Making is Coding board that includes...
...Adventures in Makerspace, A Coding Mission and 
...Coding in Scratch for Beginners. 

It includes all three Coding Choice Boards for TK-12th grade that I created and shared during Hour of Code last week.  These will be available and change throughout the year.  You can find them here in this post too. 
I also added 12 Days of Making to the December Choice Board that you will find here.  It is under the Making column. 

I can't wait to share 12 Days of Making with our students and school community.  
A big thank you to our friends at Capstone for making these wonderful eBooks available for all of us.  You can learn more about Capstone and all of the amazing books and resources they create here.

You can find the 12 Days of Making choice board here to share with students, teachers and families.  And here is the link to make a few edits too. 

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