Monday, January 20, 2020

Spark Curiosity and Creativity With The NEW Pear Deck Weekly Wonders!

Our friends at Pear Deck have done it again! They have announced something new that will spark curiosity and creativity.
They are called Pear Deck Weekly Wonders!
As Pear Deck and their sites shares,
This new weekly content offering brings you curated content from educational and inspirational sources on the web to spark curiosity and conversation in the classroom.
Each week, we’ll release three sets of templates (one geared towards elementary, one for middle school, and one for high school learners) built around three pieces of awe-inspiring content that we’ve discovered. The templates will each include a video or article paired with 2-3 discussion prompts designed for a 10-15 minute activity, perfect for homeroom, substitute teacher lessons, or a few minutes left at the end of class.
Each Weekly Wonders set will be themed around the values in our five Teaching Truths — Tackle Tenacity, Excavate and Expand, Anticipate Awesome, Cultivate Compassion, and Hand it Over.

We’ll be including prompts that stimulate joy, curiosity, and creativity in the classroom and spark engaging discussions.
The first Pear Deck Weekly Wonders is Tackle Tenacity: Rube Goldberg Machines, which is designed to promote wonder and curiosity for all ages.  There is a deck for elementary, middle and high school learners.

This Wonders deck supports the importance of tenacity and how we can help students be unafraid of doing hard things by showing them how to get back up, reflect and keep going. 
You will find a description of each grade level and the YouTube videos they have paired with each.
Pick either Google Slides or PowerPoint to get your copy of this Weekly Wonder.
 For this first one, I chose the Elementary School deck.
 The deck is amazing and includes slides for students to write responses,
 read more about the topic, Rube Goldberg,
watch the video from...
 enter a number,
 and draw after reading, watching, discussing and learning more.

I am VERY excited about bringing the Pear Deck Weekly Wonders to our school and students.  They will definitely spark lots of curiosity, creativity and a whole lot of wonder throughout. 

You can sign up to receive these decks for your community here too

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