Sunday, January 26, 2020

Create A Polaroid Frame In PicMonkey!

When I create Google Presentations, Buncee's and other digital content, I LOVE smashing different apps together to make projects and presentations special and unique. 
One of my favorite app smash's is using the Polaroid Frame in PicMonkey.  

I always have lots of questions about this one so I thought I would share how I do this with all of you!
First, go to PicMonkey and upload the photos you would like to use.  
Click on the little Frame icon that is circled above. 
Then choose Polaroid Frame. 
You will have some choices now in Polaroid Frame.  
For mine, I move the Effect Fade to 0% so the photo is clear.
I then click on Transparent Background so I will be able to add or layer the image anywhere.

You can also Rotate the image or change the Background Color. 
 When the photo is complete, click on Export. 
 You can Export this masterpiece in several formats and to different places.
 Once exported, you can...
...add it wherever you want.  You can see the fun difference in the two photos of my three kids.  

I love the way they look and add just the right touch of fun to lots of different projects and presentations.  

I hope you give it a try...let me know if you have any questions.  I am always happy to help. 

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