Sunday, May 5, 2024

The Results Of The TOP 10 Capstone Interactive eBooks In April 2024 Are Here! Find This Fun Choice Board To Fill Out Here, Friends.


The results of the TOP 10 Capstone Interactive eBooks in April 2024 are here!  I am so excited to share them with our readers, and with all of you to share with your readers too. 

Our students LOVE reading eBooks in Capstone Interactive!  

They go to Capstone Interactive to read eBooks that are connected to content from the curriculum; eBooks for book clubs; eBooks that are interesting to them; eBooks that are new to Capstone Interactive; and much more.
Capstone Interactive eBooks is definitely our go-to for all students and teachers within our school. 

With Capstone Interactive eBooks, we love: 
  • Read aloud audio voice over from real actors
  • Multi-user simultaneous access to all eBooks by every student in our school
  • Post one-click access with the easy copy-link feature...great for our Google Classroom, Seesaw, etc.
  • Over 5,500 Capstone Interactive eBooks to support all of our needs
  • eBook platform and reader are Section 508 compliant and W.C.A.G. rated
  • And most of all, our kids love the Capstone Interactive eBooks, just like the Capstone books we have in our library, classrooms and pop-up libraries around the school. 
I love finding ways to get our readers even more excited about reading within Capstone Interactive, so my friends at Capstone and I have come up with this fun new idea!  

We will be sharing the Top 10 Capstone Interactive eBooks read each month using the data collected from readers across the country.  

The Top 10 Capstone Interactive eBooks read in April 2024 can be found here in this choice board. 

If you want to make a copy of this choice board, you can here
For my students, I am going to make this into a choice board by...
... linking the book covers to the link from each Capstone Interactive eBook.  I will then Publish the choice board and share that link with our students in their Google Classroom. 
I hope your students love the Top 10 Capstone Interactive eBooks lists and choice boards too, friends. 

You will find all of these eBooks, and print books, here on the NEW site.

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