Thursday, March 31, 2016

PebbleGo Animales, Capstone's First Spanish Language Module, Is Available...and It Is Awesome!

After school, Hagan and I heard some great news!
PebbleGo Animales, PebbleGo's first Spanish language module from Capstone, is LIVE and available for all of us.
We couldn't wait to login and check it out!
Every article that is found within PebbleGo Animals is also found in PebbleGo Animales.

These articles were translated by a team of professionals.
Each article includes both Spanish text and read-aloud audio recorded by professional voice over artists.  
One of the neatest features is that within each article the user can toggle back and forth between Spanish to English and....
English to Spanish.  

This will be useful for students as they learn, practice and listen to a new language.  
It was really fun going through all of the different PebbleGo Animales categories that we also love in PebbleGo Animals.
We picked the Pigs out of the Farm Animals category.  Hagan has Spanish everyday at school so he enjoyed listening and reading along....trying to pick out words that he has learned this year. 
The same activities are also available within PebbleGo Animales that we find in all of the other PebbleGo modules.  
 There are videos, voice,
Share What You Know worksheets, 
 Printable Items such as articles and images,
and the citation is available for each article and they are all in Spanish.

PebbleGo Animales isn't just for our youngest learners...think about it for your older learners too.  As students are learning how to read, write and speak in Spanish, this will be an essential and engaging resource for all of our children.

It will be an important resource for parents and families.  I know that it will be used by Hagan and I often as we learn Spanish together too.
You can give PebbleGo Animales a try by visiting this link and signing up for a free two-week trial.

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