Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Michael Dahl Visits Our Team As We Write The Library Book Together With Cantata Learning & The 2nd Graders At Van Meter

Yesterday I shared an exciting writing project we are doing with the second graders at Van Meter.
To celebrate libraries and to tie in with the Celebrations Around the World, Harmony Project with Cantata Learning we have taking place right now, we asked our little friends and their teachers to help us write a book and song.

We met with them a few weeks ago to get this collaboration started and you can read all about it here.
Today, we had our second planning meeting with our little authors and Michael Dahl, author and very special member of our team,  joined us in the Google Hangout to talk to them about the ideas and writing they have done so far.  

Michael shared a few books with everyone first to get the conversation going about rhymes and writing.  He showed us some of his favorites and with poetry month right around the corner, this was a fun conversation.
The second graders then shared the chorus they have so far.  He loved it....as do I.  You will see them share it in the GHO recording below.

They have shared lots of wonderful words and phrases about libraries...Michael helped them take this one step further as they brainstormed a lot more today.
He also showed the children the different books he uses when writing such as dictionaries and thesauruses.
And we loved hearing Michael's Five Points For Writing Song Lyrics, which you can get at this link too.  These will be very helpful as the second graders continue to write the verses for our library song.
We ended our time together with a few questions from the kids.  We all enjoyed seeing several of Michael's books he has authored and listening to his story of becoming a writer. 

His visit and the work we are doing together will definitely inspire these young authors.  

I know it inspires me.  

You can watch our GHO below....And put March 31, 2016, 8:15-9:00am on your calendar as we have Liz Draper, who is the music director for Cantata Learning, join all of us for our third planning meeting.  We will talk about writing the music to our words.  I will send an invite out closer to this date.  

Thank you for joining us Michael....We love writing a book and learning with you!  

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