Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Made My Own Nursery Rhymes GoNoodle Freeze It Game Today...And You Can Too!

Today I was reading some of my favorite nursery rhymes while working on a new Harmony Project with Cantata Learning.  

I took a little break to catch up on emails for a bit.  
I was excited to see one from Mollie at GoNoodle....she always has the best things to share.  

And the one I received today was one of the best ones yet!  

In this email, she shared that we can actually add our own questions to Freeze It and other activities from GoNoodle.  I had no idea we could personalize the GoNoodle activities like this and couldn't wait to try it out.  
I clicked on Freeze It, which combines virtual flash cards and a dance party.   It walked me through three screens to tell me how review can be so much fun and super easy to do with GoNoodle. 
Next, GoNoodle asked me to Choose Game Mode and I had a choice of Built-In Questions or My Questions, which would allow me to create my own questions.  

I thought for a minute and realized I could create one for the nursery rhyme books and songs I had in front of me.  I picked out six to get started.  
It was very easy to set up with a title, questions, and four possible answers.
You can go back to edit your questions and answers too.
It is also very easy to share your Question Sets.

You can find a link to the one I created here.
With my How Well Do You Know The Nursery Rhymes Question Set ready to go, I was ready to play Freeze It and start dancing too!
Once you click Play, it will take your students through simple directions on how to play Freeze It.

When you see the word Dance you start dancing and...
when you see the word Freeze you freeze your body and answer the question.

Okay start!
 Now Freeze and answer the questions....
You click on the one the students shout out and it tells you....
if you are correct or incorrect.
Once you have answered the questions, you can Keep Dancing, start a New Freeze or just be Done. 

What a fun way to learn new things, review content, and making learning more exciting. 

GoNoodle has five games currently that use My Questions.  
 I can't wait to set up one with Mega Math Marathon and....
Montana James and the Palace of Peril.  

Thank you GoNoodle to bring our students, libraries, classrooms and homes so much fun, movement, learning, and more.  We can't wait to see what you do next!  

If you haven't signed up for GoNoodle yet, you can do that here....And it is free!  

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