Friday, March 25, 2016

Getting Your Students Excited About Reading & Writing With LitPick!

Are you looking for something new to do with your students to get them more excited about reading and writing? 

Why not introduce them to LitPick, an online reading and writing program that allows students to become book reviewers?

LitPick Student Book Reviews gives students the opportunity to read and review newly released books that pique their interest. They are able to share their opinions about what they read with a worldwide online social community of their peers and educators.  LitPick is also a great way for your students to grow as writers, since after submitting their reviews to us, they receive valuable feedback on their writing. 

Emma, a LitPick reviewer, has seen growth in herself as a reader since starting the program. “I feel that LitPick has helped me to grow as an analytically conscious reader.” Another reviewer, Tori, has seen how LitPick has helped her writing improve. “I find that my imagination has expanded.”

Students choose to either review eBooks (completely FREE) or to access LitPick’s print and eBook selections (for a small yearly subscription fee). They can sign up individually, or an educator can choose to sign up a group of students as part of a book club or through their library, classroom, or homeschool organization.

Check out or contact Team LitPick at to find out how to get your students to become LitPick Student Reviewers today

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