Thursday, March 17, 2016

Students Can Now Export Notes and Highlights From MackinVIA Right To Their Google Drive....Hagan Shows You How!

I am excited to see several new updates to MackinVIA this week!  

You can read all about them here, but there is one that I am super excited about!  
The MackinVIA Notebook now has an Export to Google Drive feature!  

Hagan and I decided to give it a try.  
He picked a book all about sports.  He has read this eBook before and loves the facts that he finds over the 50 years it covers.  In fact, he has it stored in his MackinVIA Backpack so it was easy to open this one up to take some notes.  
He went to the year I was born and found several things he wanted to highlight and take notes over. 

He saved these in his MackinVIA Notebook.  
When we went back into his MackinVIA Backpack, he found My Notes & Highlights from the eBook he was reading.  

We also saw something new.....the Export Notes button that is circled in red here. 
 First, Hagan clicked on Export Notes and it brought up two options.  He clicked on Save to Drive. 
 Next, he clicked on Open in Drive.  He logged into his Google Drive....
and was able to find the Google Doc that he had exported from his MackinVIA Notebook.  He loved how he could see all of the things he highlighted and notes he took.  
He also wanted to test out the Print feature and was really excited about this too.  

For Hagan as a 5th grade, this new feature is very important.  It will make doing research in eBooks so much easier as they use Google Drive for taking notes, organizing information for projects and reports and creating projects. 

He can also build a bibliography as he is researching different subjects and now export that into his Google Drive.  

Hagan can't wait to share this with his friends and teachers next week.  He is sure that this will make all of them better at researching, writing and most of all being able to bring it all together to show what they have learned. 

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