Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Little Snapchat For Poetry Month....And All Year Long From The Library Voice!

My nieces and little friends have taught me how to use Snapchat over the last few months.  It is where they are so it where I want to be too.  I love seeing what they share with me and following their Snapchat Stories.  

I have seen Snapchat in libraries and schools sharing special news, events, announcements, assignments, contests, and celebrations.  
I love how they get students engaged using Snapchat by sharing with a library, classroom, or school Snapchat too.  

This is an awesome idea from Teachers Pay Teachers...You can have students share stories about history in the Snapchat History Stories Project and others. 
We have seen stores and restaurants with Snapchat and even watched a local news channel share theirs one night on news.  

Now I will admit the question I have been asking myself for months, How could I find a way to use Snapchat?  How could I use with students and teachers?  How could I use it to share what is happening on The Library Voice?  

And this week it came to me!  

With Poetry Month almost here and as we prepare for a very special Poem In Your Pocket Day at the end of April, I thought of a few ways I could kick off my Snapchat too!  

I will share special poems, ideas, books & surprises through My Snapshat Story all month long!  And this will be just the beginning.  
In Snapchat, it is very easy to share your Snaps in your Snapchat Story.  Above, you can see My Snapchat and there are several new posts for Poetry Month that I added tonight.  

I shared...
a poem for your pocket from our friend and poet Robert Forbes
a special poem to put in your pocket from the Cantata Learning book and song Spring
little surprises from all kinds of books, like this one from John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

and more!   
Within Snapchat, you can also save your Snapchat Stories so it makes it very easy to share these on a blog (like I am doing here) or...
even on your Twitter and Facebook page like I did in the post above.  

This would be the perfect way to get other students, teachers and families hooked and to follow your Snapchat too!  
To make it very easy for everyone to follow my new Snapchat, I took a screenshot of my Snapchat screen.
I then put it into Instagram for a little editing....and to share with my Instagram followers too.
I created posters which would be a quick and easy way to advertise your new Snapchat in the library, classrooms, and throughout the school and community.
You can even take that image and when printing, select to make multiple copies on the page.  This can be found at the bottom of the print menu.  

This is such a terrific way to make cards or stickers to help with promoting too. 
And if you are new to Snapchat, all you have to do it download the Snapchat app.  Then press and hold on a friend's Snapcode to add them.  
Just like on mine here.  
As I learn more about Snapchat, I created a Padlet for Ideas and Project For Using Snapchat In The Library, Classroom,  and Within Education.   If you have a Snapchat for your library or classroom....and ideas that you are using...please share them here too. 

I am more excited than ever for Poetry Month and all the special things we will do with Snapchat throughout the year.  

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