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Over 100 Books & Resources For Women's History Month Including Pinterest Walls, Cantata Learning Songs & PebbleGO!

Every year we celebrate Women's History Month during the the month of March.

It is a month filled with wonderful sharing and creating of stories, songs, events, resources, artifacts, and more.  All of these things show us the importance of all women in the past, future and present.

In fact, today is the day we celebrate International Women's Day so it has been very exciting to follow all of the things being lifted up in honor of this day....and ultimately for Women's History Month too.
In doing a little research into the history behind Women's History Month, I came across this quote from the Women's History Month website from The Library of Congress.  This gives us a great overview of how this celebration came about and the importance of it as a national celebration each year and in using these resources throughout the year.
First, I brought together a few of the websites, resources, and books that I found to be helpful into this special Women's History Month Symbaloo.
The Time for Kids Women's History Month page is awesome and filled with so many resources, articles, and tools to use with your students.
The Flocabulary Women's History Month...The Week In Rap Junior is engaging and fun way to introduce this event to your students.
The three books that I included on the Symbaloo are from Cantata Learning.

They are very special because children can learn about these important women in history through the songs and stories included in each book from Cantata.  There are three which support women who had an impact on our history through the things they overcame and the difference they made within the world.

You can find the songs on the Women's History Month Symbaloo and also on the Cantata Learning website.
I wanted to give you a little peak into Jane Goodall and the Chimpanzees from Cantata Learning.
This beautiful book does a wonderful job telling the story of her life and....
the music makes it something that your students will learn from and remember.  The music is included in the book along with...
a Glossary, Questions and Additional Resources.  
And of course, the song is available free online....to download as well.  You can listen here.
I love finding nonfiction titles to pair with the Cantata Learning ones and this Pebble series from Capstone is perfect.  
In fact, there are several in the Great Women in History series from Capstone.  
I especially love the photographs and the timeline that each book in this series contain.  Young readers will too!

I also included links to two different spots in PebbleGO from Capstone.  If you have access to PebbleGO, there are lots of Famous Women and First Ladies in the PebbleGO Biographies database. 
One of the first ones we wanted to research was Jane Goodall.  With all of the connections with the Cantata Learning and Capstone books, this was a natural path in order to find out more about this inspiration woman.
Under Women in PebbleGO Biographies, Jane Goodall can be found.  They can learn about her Early Life, Life's Work, and Later Years...along with an Introduction.  
There is a Timeline included in PebbleGO and...
videos, which are a powerful resource.
My students loved the Share What You Know sheets that can be found with each article entry in PebbleGO.  They love being able to turn into researchers as they discover new information about the person or topic they are researching.  
The First Lady of Civil Rights Rosa Parks from Cantata Learning is another favorite of mine for Women's History Month.
After introducing students to Rosa through this book and song, and so many others, it is helpful being able to use PebbleGO to take this learning one step further as the students research Rosa and learn even more.
There are also several First Ladies in PebbleGO too.

If PebbleGO is new to you, go to this link for a free trial.
When looking for even more books that will tie into this month, you can't miss the Amelia Bloomer Project website which is filled with so many great choices for birth through 18.
One of the series included on this website is the Women In Conservation Series.   
My friend Amy Cox at Capstone shared this with me,

I like this series because so many schools do those “wax museum” projects where kids pick a historical figure and dress up like them and have a little speech—you know what I’m talking about? Women bios are always hard to come by for those. Everyone is either Eleanor Roosevelt or BeyoncĂ©. These give kids some lesser known options plus an environmental tie in which is often appealing to kids.
Another new line from Capstone I wanted to mention here is one they are calling Encounter Narrative Nonfiction Picture Books
Jars of Hope is one of the books included in this series.

It is about a woman who smuggled babies out of the Warsaw Ghetto. It was too dangerous for her to keep lists of the children’s names etc. so she wrote down the information and buried it in jars, hoping to be able to help reunite the children with their families eventually.
The book about Helen Thayer book is brand new and thrilling.  This is the story of how she walked with her dog from Canada to the magnetic North Pole.
And the Malala book is stunning and such a special story.

Those are just a few of my recent favorites but I wanted to share over 100 books and resources for Women's History Month in this post. 
 We created a brand new Women's History Month Pinterest wall loaded with...
resources, websites, lessons, projects and more.
Also, check out over 100 books that are perfect in celebrating women throughout the year on our Women's History Month Books Pinterest wall.

As you can see, there are dozens and dozens of special ways to celebrate Women's History Month and to lift up women in our lives, libraries, classroom and throughout teaching everyday.

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