Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sharpies! Sharpies! Sharpies! A Place To Create, Challenge, & Show Others How To Do It Too!

Seeing all of my Sharpies on the desk just makes me happy.  I love the colors, the way they look together, and most all....what I can create with them.  I love using them with Hagan, sending them to Brianna in Belgium, and giving them as a gift to my sister and nieces.

Who doesn't love a Sharpie?  And guess what....There is a Sharpie website and lots of other tools and apps that are for the marker loving people too.
The Sharpie website is a fun place to go.  It is filled with something for everyone....products, creations, the Sharpie Blog, news and promos, and my favorite spot....! includes a place for your words, ideas, and colors.
Once you have signed up for, you can upload Images and Videos of Sharpie creations, upload How To's using Sharpies, and one of my favorite things....

Submit a Challenge. 
Wouldn't this be fun to do with your students in the library or classroom?

You could create a Sharpie Challenge for just about anything.

New branding for your library, Sharpies doodles to use for signage in your newly gentrified library collection, posters for the spring and summer reading, designs for a new library shirt, and much, much more.
You can also participate in other challenges too.
There are lots of places that you can get ideas from Sharpie's Creative Community.  This allows you to search my How To's, Challenges, Images, Videos, and through a search.   

Once you belong to the community, you can also rate and leave comments too. 
I found some of the coolest ideas for creating with Sharpies.  There are over 1500 on the website now and more added every week
And one of my favorite things about the Sharpie site... 
You could have your students submit their own Show Them How You Do It videos or pictures.  It is very easy to do, with all of the direction

I have so many little friends that would love this.  
So get out your markers....spread them out....grab some paper or something to create on....and have some fun.

I can't wait to see what you and your students create!

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